IN CELEBRATION – Thankful For the Life of Phyllis Diller

A piece of my childhood just died and I and everyone else are going to miss her.

Phyllis Diller came out of the Mad Men era and her humor has to be appreciated in that context. She subverted the whole sleek, sophisticated model of womanhood that Demi Moore captures so well in Flawless, and she did it in a way that was revolutionary in American comedy at the time, by mocking herself.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – The Suicide Epidemic in the Army

There is an epidemic of suicide among active duty military and recent veterans, it’s been going for a couple of years now, and no one has any clear idea what the cause might be. That is, clear enough to be useful for dealing with the problem; everyone has some idea that nearly ten years of war with so small a force that it requires multiple deployments of the same people, that this deployment schedule grinds up families and destroys lives, that jobs are next to impossible for returnees to find in an economy that has had the equity mined out of it for the last couple of decade; that all that is sooner or later going to send a really big social bill.

MISANDRY – The Vicious Absurdity of Pedophilia Hysteria and Some Good Responses and Counter-measures

The “bird in the backyard” is a test of typicality. If you can look out your window and see a certain species of bird, it’s probably pretty common in your area. Here are some stories happening within days of each other, with one from 2006 for perspective, that point out the absurdity and dangers of our society’s pedophilia hysteria and especially the bigoted way it applies to men and only men.…

This is What Sexual Entitlement Looks Like…

I’m just going to quote at length:

 My very best vagina friend sleeps in quite late. In the hours I’ve spent lying next to her staring at the wet spot she’s unknowingly making I have become fascinated with her morning arousal. Sometimes she’ll cover her vag with her hands in her sleep because she knows I’ll try to play with it.

GENERAL – You Don’t Know Me

In the discussions around gender we have gotten used to feminists making sweeping statements about men and men’s proclivities and tendencies – essentially claims to understand men’s psychology. You’ll see statements about how porn makes men rape, or how men commit DV as a means of maintaining patriarchy, or how men only want equal custody of their kids to get out of paying child support (although somehow that doesn’t explain why women want custody), how men cannot possibly ever have anything like real post-partum depression, on and on and on.

Gendered Sentencing Discount: Can We Collect Some Evidence?

I was having a conversation with someone not too long ago about the “female sentencing discount”, and I realized that I didn’t personally have a whole lot of evidence on hand with which to back it up. I have some anecdotes, of course, but those are flimsy evidence because weird things happen in life.…

Harassment in Gaming: Too Much Focus On Women?

JDCyran made a thoughtful and long comment on the “Tropes vs Women” thread that I thought was worth lifting as a post unto itself. Please forgive any proofreading errors, as it was originally just a comment after all. Here is JDCyran’s comment in full:

Speaking of women in gaming, The NY Times printed (digitized?) an article today on harassment in the gaming community and directed it fairly specifically at women (though it does mention other things as well), even mentioning Sarkeesian’s kick starter.