The Consequences Of The Discrediting Of The Lisak Rape Theory

Reason magazine is a libertarian magazine published by the Reason Foundation – a nonprofit advocacy organization to which I am a donor. Despite my political agreement with libertarianism, I have been critical of particular Reason articles in the past (see here: and additionally in a recent article ( the same journalist describes Roosh V of Return of Kings as an “MRA blogger” even though Roosh is anti-MRA and has clearly stated so).

Feminism and Social Androgyny

A common argument made by certain critics of contemporary feminism is that feminism (allegedly) seeks to erase gender differences and turn both men and women into functionally identical “androgynes.” In this article, I wish to not only critique that argument but also show the usefulness of the concept of androgyny to the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

Did Gamergate Kill David Bowie?

UPDATE: Jennifer Mendoza has indeed been confirmed as a “Poe”/satire account. Nevertheless I won’t delete this post due to its criticism of the idea that gamer culture has historically been hypermasculine and that androgyny or gender-atypicality somehow represents a threat to this culture’s values.

The Mary Sue/Marty Stu Disparity: A Theory

With Max Landis’ critiques of Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens making news in the gendersphere (because some argue that it is misogynist to call Rey a “Mary Sue”), I wish to propose a theory as to why Mary Sues are generally disliked and “called out” far more than Marty Stus.…

Stoicism is a feminine virtue

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Stoicism is a feminine virtue as much as a masculine virtue. It is really the center of adulthood, both male and female. It’s common nowadays to hear stoicism denounced as a form of “toxic masculinity.” The answer to that was stated best in a blog thread comment (that I cannot find): “We have gone from a culture of dignity to a culture of victimhood.” The denunciations of stoic serenity in the face of adversity, tight-lipped though it be at times, are a symptom of this cultural shift.…

Women explain things to me

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And I’m not taking about Alison or Karen, who really have explained some very important things to me. Nor am I talking about women who take time and make the effort to explain something or how to do something, even if I may know better than they do, because it is a generous impulse, they are truly trying to help me, not patronize (or in this case, matronize) me – as are most men who explain things to women.…


Just a word to those interested in men’s health issues that this is Movember and no one has any excuse not to sport a moustache to raise public awareness. No one. Eye liner and a steady hand are your friends.

If I can grow my weedy, sparse growth for a month, so can anyone.…

An Open Letter to Elizabeth Nolan Brown of Reason Magazine

Note: This letter is in response to the following article –

Ms Brown,

I was utterly shocked to read your recent Reason article “Why So Many Men Who Hate Women Love Limited Government.” Your article is far beneath the standard I expect from Reason Magazine, and as a multi-year donor to the Reason Foundation I am greatly disappointed in it.…