Please discuss, with examples and analysis John Markley on 2014-08-21 at 9:59 pm said: Edit “The average feminist’s entire construct of the concept of “men” is built of a foundation of the very gender stereotypes which they claim to be fighting.” Patriarchal feminism indeed. Also examples and discussion of feminists who resist and defy this […]

Male Privilege – Why do women assume they know about men or men’s lives?

Commenter Eagle 35 posted the text of a Reddit exchange he had with a feminist as a comment. (He prefers not to link to the actual exchange.) The feminist in the exchange exhibits a behavior that is a recurring problem in the discussion of gender, the assumption that women fully understand men and our lives […]

Link: “A Safe Space for Thee but not for Me” – This post is from the blog of Wendy McElroy; a Canadian Individualist Anarchist-Feminist. It was posted by her husband, Brad. I have written a lot about the plight of nerdy/geeky men under traditional gender roles. In this article, Brad points out how (as I have pointed out before), male nerds are a victimized group. […]

DISCUSSION – Gendering Class, Part IV – “Ladylike” and policing femininity

It’s been a while since we have look at the gendering of class. Something that occurred to me recently was how in many stories women had of being gender-policed as girls that policing was framed in terms of “ladylike” behavior. Were you prevented form climbing trees or wearing certain types clothing of clothing because they weren’t […]

SLY INVERSIONS – “Snatching oppression from the jaws of privilege”

There is a very common sly inversion that interprets every benefit society confers on women as some form or other of oppression. I think what drives it is a gender script that casts women as fragile victims so that people who subscribe to that meme think that failing to identify this victimhood defeminizes a woman […]

Honey Badger Radio: We Came, We Saw, We Badgered On

Last week the world witnessed a historic event. A Voice for Men’s first international men’s issues conference successfully brought together men’s issues and men’s rights activists and advocates around the world. Despite death threats, protests and last minute venue changes AVfM and the men’s rights movement persevered. The dream was realized. By the end of […]

IT’S SHIT LIKE THIS, FEMINISTS – The shit male rape victims face

Long-time commenter gwallan posted this list of the reactions he got when he tried to tell about his rape as a child: I’ve been fairly outspoken about female perpetration since the mid nineties. I wrote the following about two years ago summarising the sorts of responses I’ve experienced personally. It’s nowhere near exhaustive but does give one […]

GENDER EQUALITY – T-shirt and bumper sticker fodder

I have seen some slogans and phrase around that speak to gender equality, and been inspired by them to come with one or two on my own. Please nominate more. Please feel free to use these in any way that gets the word out. Workplace equality: A woman’s place is on a road crew. I […]