The way forward

I have been wondering which way the men’s movement may be headed, what the next steps might be. I ran across a reddit post that asked the same question. “{Debate} What should the MRM’s next step be? In order to make a positive change happen, what next steps must the MRM take? Which issues should […]

HYPOAGENCY – “Pussy”, “bitch”, “harpy” and “girl”

The behavior of the terms “pussy”, “bitch”, “harpy” and “girl” in the language, including cultural strictures on their use, shows how deeply attached people are to female hypoagency, even those who insist they reject this patriarchal gender norm. There are pejorative uses, in descending degrees of pejoration, of all four terms – for instance “girl” […]

More tradcon misandry, this time aimed at men who don’t marry

I ran across an article posted to the men’s rights subreddit bemoaning the collapse of society, this time because young men were failing to grow up and marry. The article quoted the former director of the Beverley LaHaye Institute, Janice Shaw Crouse. Judge for yourself where they fall on the political and cultural spectrum. These […]


You’re an adult speaker of English; what does the word “effeminate” convey to you? A man who acts too girly, right? It’s the main gay stereotype, the flaming queen in bright colors and loud patterns with exaggeratedly feminine voice mannerisms and florid Of course “effeminate” is a word almost always applied only to men. After […]

Vicitmhood and the benefits – “A Queen For A Day”

Our culture, and not just ours, fetishizes victimhood. Victimhood is the ultimate moral weapon, and weaponized victimhood has been the weapon of choice in a lot of really necessary and good social reform movements. But like nukes, it should not fall into the wrong hands. The whole of modern feminism has for the past 30 years at least been predicated on a framework of victimology and all its tropes – patriarchy theory, rape culture, gendered pay gap, the war on women, the form rhetoric around women’s reproductive rights takes – all rest on victimology rather than a simple insistence on equal rights and empowerment. It is a very sad, very retrograde development, because it is nothing but a reversion to traditionalist gender assumptions.

Is this the best they can do?

Gentlemen's Quarterly (GQ) finally got around to publishing an article on the Men's Conference A Voice for Men organized and hosted last year. Better late than never, I guess, although you would expect a men's magazine to be a little more active when it comes to men's issues. The writer, Jeff Sharlet, identifies himself as the husband of a Women's Studies professor, so we can probably infer pretty accurately what his sexual politics are. And that's what makes this article interesting - for a hit piece it is surprisingly feeble. He engages in a list of desperate gimmicks to make his point and even then he can't find much to actually criticize, so he resorts to innuendo and mischaracterization.

The “fragile male ego”, a sly inversion

I ran across a post in the men’s rights subreddit that is emblematic of a very common sly inversion: the assertion that women have to coddle men’s fragile egos. This was by way of saying how very weary this writer was of having to explain all this over and over again to bone-stupid men (the […]