A Non-Feminist analysis – Ex-Machina (*Spoiler alert*)

Understand you’re about to enter the mind of someone who fell through the looking glass of a feminist and gynocentric world. After reading Warren Farrell’s ‘The Myth of Male Power’, I started to notice the men around me for real, for the first time ever.…

Men’s magazine British GQ denies the existence of men’s rights

British GQ writer Rupert Myers has recently opined that Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) are backwards cavemen who inhibit the progress of gender equality through the harassment and silencing of their targets. Mr Myers then goes on to show brilliant examples of the types of behavior perpetrated by MRAs.…

Legal Suit update: It’s all about ethics in journalism

The Mary Sue cites its adherence to Ethical Journalistic Standards as part of it’s defense against having allegedly engaged in injurious slander against the Honey Badger Brigade.

The Honey Badger Brigade has received a response from The Mary Sue in regards to the HBB’s legal suit against them for incitement to breech of contract and injurious slander in regards to the expulsion of the HBB from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo. …

Consent, part 1

We constantly hear talk about consent, usually in reference to YES means YES. As most of you reading this probably know YES means YES is terrible standard for consent. We are just in our criticism of it. But if we are to effect positive change in relation to rape & sexual assault we should discuss consent and the different standards of consent.

War on victims of female perpetrators goes back to college

For decades now, feminists have been promoting a male-demonizing narrative on sexual violence using statistics produced by deliberately biased research methods. Legislated changes based on that bias, dictating how American institutions of higher education approach allegations of sexual misconduct on campus, have sparked widespread controversy and reawakened existing criticism of that narrative and the research on which it is based.…

It’s Press the Press week at Honey Badger Radio!

Metal Type Printing Press Typeset Obsolete Typography Text Letters Sign

Rantzerker 16: Satirist McCaskill strikes again!

On the Colbert Show Satirist McCaskill satirized the idea that feminists such as herself hold authoritarian views on censorship. Now she’s gone on MSNBC to plant yet another satire bomb!…

It’s Gamer Overlords week at Honey Badger Radio


Badgerpod Nerdcast 56: Shaken, not stirred

Join the Honey Badgers as we discuss Spy films. It’s Badger, Honey Badger.

Host: Brian Martinez

Participants: Rachel Edwards, Hannah Wallen, Geek Variety aka. Radio Voice Guy, Skeptor

Date: November 9th, 2015

Time: 5 PM Eastern

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Nerdrevolt 36: I welcome our new Gamer Overlords

Join the badgers as we discuss the gamer brain, why gamers hate liars and what that means for oldstream media.…