Video: Karen Straughan speaks at the 2018 International Conference on Men’s Issues

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Breaking An Opinion Episode 3: It Was Never About Succeeding.

In the 2 1/2 years since I’ve been writing for this site and the nearly 4 years since the advent of #GamerGate, I’ve been starting to notice something very specific. Nothing the SJWs have attempted to overtake has ever been ‘successful.’ I’m starting to think that succeeding with these outlets were never the goal.…

Title IX: protecting women, or targeting men? | HBR Talk 45

Join us on the HBR Talk show as we look at the information discussed at the recent Title IX Research and Resources conference at Rowan University! Tune in @8pm Eastern!

Transcript for opening video

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A roomful of what? ICMI, London, 2018, day 1

What do you get when you confront a feminist with men’s unfettered humanity?

Shock. Horror. An article full of defamatory lies, published on the deceptively named “Open Democracy” blog, 50.50.

The supposed “only woman in a room of entirely white men” failed to notice the sex and color of several of the event’s speakers, including the first up, Karen Straughan.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 92: The Other Half of the Japanese Population Decline, the Hikkikomori

Good day everyone. The subject we are approaching here may seem like it’s a more broad aspect of what has happened to Japan’s native population, but as with most things, you will soon find that that this phenomenon happens more often to men than women.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 91: A Story of a Kang! Masculine Humility as Taught by Coming To America!

Before we begin I wish to apologize for the delay in the posting of this article. All delays and issues in its release are due to the time needed for the Calgary Expo trial date. Details of which will be discussed elsewhere in the appropriate manner. Thank you for your understanding.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 90: Are You Sure About That? A Study of The Wicker Man!

This time around I had some trouble finding something that wasn’t swarmed all over, yet could concern what we usually discuss here. So, I thought I would cover a classic of suspense and intrigue, the 1973 cult classic The Wicker Man!…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 89: Tennessee’s Opening of Pandora’s Gynocentric Box

It is no secret that we are often saddled even now with the issue and question of suffrage, also known as the Right to Vote in the United States. For the longest time, as seen in historically researched texts, this was more linked to the ownership of property as opposed to the common misconception that gender and race were determining factors.…