Breaking the Narrative Special 3: Why Do Anime, Video Games, and the Men’s Rights Movement Corellate?

Its been a while since I did a ‘special’ article of Breaking the Narrative. As such I figured I’d write an observational opinion piece on something that keeps being noticed in our stretch of the world. Many people who back our side of the debate get attacked for having ‘anime avatars’ or being ‘filthy weebs.’ Why is this?…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 56: The American South is Not Holding Us Back!

Today we are going to do something a tad different. Its no secret to anyone who is a regular to my articles or any of my social media that I am from the Southern United States (Tennessee specifically). This can be seen by one of the first articles I’ve done as well.…

Female Violence, society’s blind spot – Badger Talk 5

Most men’s issues advocates and activists, especially those whose focus is on issues surrounding intimate partner and sexual violence, already know the sex of the individual taking an action doesn’t change its nature… but what about the rest of society?…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 55: Stupid Girl Goes Bananas! Breaking A Review on Aho-Girl!

In searching various feminist anime blogs trying to see if they tried to bash the subject of today’s article I found that for the bulk of them they are avoiding this like the plague. That tells me something very specific – they don’t want people to even know that this show exists!…

Rosie O’Donnell’s Trump Game, Anita Keynotes, Rapist Sues Victim – Polecat Cast 119


Join us on the Polecat as we discuss the news of the week, including a teacher who is suing a student she slept with, flamethrowers for self defense, Rosie O’Donnel’s anti-Trump game, and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern

Show notes:

Feminism Corrupts Even the Best Examples of Feminism
By Max Derrat
If you were to think of a good example of feminism (or at least a less bad version of feminism), you would think of a powerful woman who defies all stereotypes… a woman who majors in STEM without blaming her problems on men or patriarchy, etc.

Talking Crash Override, Betsy Devos and Lauren Southern with Ashe Schow – Fireside Chat 63


Join us on the Fireside Chat with actual journalist Ashe Schow as we discuss a couple of her articles as well as the Patreon/Lauren Southern debackle. Tune in @3pm Eastern!

Ashe’s Articles:

Politico’s misleading article on Betsy DeVos and campus sexual assault

Ashe on twitter: @AsheSchow

Save the doge:

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 54: Take Me For A Ride Doc! Women in Sci-Fi!

This entire past week I saw thousands of people posting Janeways, Buffies, and various other 90’s staples of female empowerment through sci-fi. Why? Because of the now female Doctor in Doctor Who. Now sometimes I wonder if I’m cursed with the knowledge I have… and then I realize if its a curse then I might as well spread it.…