Manchester Bombed, Women Most Affected – Polecat Cast 114

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Good Day, Sir! You Look Like Somebody Who Likes Degrading Minorities

By Max Derrat

For those of you who are fans of the Simpsons… remember that one episode where Homer was trying to sell a sexual performance enhancer inside a mall?

Breaking the Narrative Episode 48: Further into Darkness, The Dank Knight Rises!

I know full well that part of my purpose here is to wade into the most moronic parts of the internet and debunk the most insipid lies pushed by feminist ideologues and imbeciles. Therefore, it was only a matter of time that I get to some roots of #GamerGate ire and step into some poorly rendered Polygon.…

Miss USA the Terrible Terrible Equalist – Polecat Cast 113

Miss USA! Marvel cancels BLM book! Tanzanian Gem Mining? All this and more on the Polecat Cast! 6pm Eastern

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 47: The Side Show Never Ends! Its Time To Stop, Anita!

This keeps happening,
It just keeps happening.

I can’t even begin to count how many times people have picked apart these arguments bit by bit and ravaged them in the most obscene ways. Even with that in mind and her audience waning by the day, she tries to continue her insanity with the aptly named “The FREQ Show” starting with a popular subject for this breed of bigots – Whitewashing.…

Failure to Launch – Men’s mental health w/Tom and Paul

Join Alison, Paul Elam and Tom Golden as we look at some letters sent to us by our listeners discussing men’s mental health. 7pm Eastern


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Send the Badgers to Australia(and pay for Karen’s booze)

Help the badgers get to the ICMI#3 in Gold Coast Australia and to Vidcon in Anaheim, California.

A limited time offer folks, two for the price of… uh… two! For the month of June the badgers are planning to attend the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Gold Coast Australia and catch Vidcon in Anaheim California on our way back.…

Feminist and social justice editions: The Peter Principle

By Not Faber451

In the sci-fi disaster movie The Core, astronaut Rebecca Childs (Hilary Swank) keeps missing out on her coveted promotion to shuttle commander. Her commander Robert Iverson (Bruce Greenwood) explains to her that her flawless service record and personal history are the problem.…

The Feminine Panopticon

Jeremy Bentham was the founder of Utilitarianism, but he is also known for designing a prison called the Panopticon. In the Panopticon, there was no privacy; every prisoner could be completely observed by the guard placed in the center. Postmodernist philosopher Michel Foucault noted how this lack of privacy, this constant visibility, was critical to social control more broadly.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 46: Bill Nye, Ya Dun Goofed Guy!

Well going into the month of May I guess I can touch upon this. After reading the title you must be thinking I’m going to weigh in on the gender pandering episode everyone and their mom had gone and mocked thoroughly. No, I’m here to break a much more constant narrative promoted by the Bill Nye Saves the World show – Violence born of video games.…

Breaking The Narrative Episode 45: Anime Came From Activism?

Welcome once again everyone, this may seem unusual today but I’m not exactly reviewing anything or debunking any particular article. Normally I would put something like this as an article separate from this series, but to be honest I feel what I’m covering today fits into two particular themes.…