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Breaking the Narrative Episode 35: Anime Feminist, huh? Nazis You Say?


I am not sure if you remember but in September of 2016 I tackled The Mary Sue talking shit about moe anime. Well it turns out that Amelia Cook, author of the piece I debunked there, has her own website known as, this being an apparent ‘self descriptor.’ Since I’ve fried some bigger fish since then, I thought I’d try to see what hi-jinx this insecure lout...

Identity politics, we’re already playing them. And we’re all fucking Nazis.


There is a growing notion that any person that reminds you of a particular attribute is engaging in the same type of behavior as social justice. That if a woman reminds you she’s a woman when she explains why she rejects feminism, or a gay man reminds you he’s gay when rejecting the insane LGBT lobby, or a black person reminding you they’re black when saying All Lives Matter is...

Breaking the Narrative Episode 33: Wibbly Wobbly Wordy Lordy Stuffs! Why Do These Labels Make No Sense?”


Due to the events that seem to keep popping up since the inauguration, hell, for the past 50+ years or so, I think that we need to talk about two very specific labels concerning politics: Liberal and Conservative.  You may be wondering, “What does this have to do with Men’s Rights or Vidya Alex?” For the latter it means very little, as video games are not something of a...

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