The feminist crusade against fatherhood

reprinted from Breaking the Glasses

Feminists will tell you that “Patriarchy” is the reason fathers are discriminated against in criminal court, via the presumption that women are better caregivers. That assertion is on a list that is being circulated and repeated by grassroots feminists in “debate,” without ever questioning its validity.

A reader’s thoughts on reproductive rights

Hey guys, I love your show(s) and I have a lot of respect for the work you do.

I’m just going to get that in quickly so as to not belabor it and, ya know, get to my point, since I know you guys are busy people. I’ve held a position on abortion for a while that, as far as I’ve seen, I’m the only one honestly holding (at least, the only one who openly speaks and debates about it).…

Letter to the badgers from a critic

Hello, Badgers.. if that is your real name.

Just writing in an emotional state before sleeping on it to calm down or something of the sort, after listening to the podcast “Fireside Chat 20: Merdumgiriz Works and #METALGATE” where Merdumgiriz spent quite a  while talking shit about critics.…

Bros? We Got an App for That.


Don’t bro me if you don’t know me.



Bros before hoes.

Like its older brother, “man,” bro is being portmanteau’d into everything, as slutty a syllable as you’ll ever encounter. You know you’ve done it, too, reader, just slipped that word into some sweet little consenting phrase.…

Letter to the Badgers: A suggestion

Hi Badgers,

With American Campusses,the UK and probaly New Zealand turning due process upside down with regards to rape cases.
Men is guilty untill proven innocent

UK –

New Zealand –

American Universities – numerous examples all over the internet, just ask
Laci Green.…

Letter to the Badgers, on the Jian Ghomeshi trial

Dear Badgers,

I want to answer Karen’s rhetorical question from, Karen expresses frustration, rightly, at the notion that the lawful protections are breaking down in the relentless pursuit of politically correct, regressive judicial reform which are being demanded in light of the Ghomeshi trial.…

What next for feminism – video rebuttal

On January 26th, 2016, Jenni Russell – a columnist for The Times, The Sunday Times, and the Evening Standard, chaired a debate entitled ‘What next for feminism?’ at the Emmanuel Centre in West London. The panel consisted of international lawyer and political scientist Anne-Marie Slaughter, feminist historian and author Amanda Foreman, Darwinian Philosopher Helena Cronin, Neuroscientist and director of the science gallery at Kings College London, Daniel Glazier, and journalist and Editor Afua Hirsh.…