Breaking the Narrative Episode 28: Did Gynocentrism End the Roman Empire?

As of the posting of this article its officially 2017,  good day Current Year +2. So to start off strong I’m pouncing on something that is fairly serious and rather appropriate considering last year. Did extreme Gynocentrism cause the fall of Rome?…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 27: Tokyo Godfathers Breaking A Review!

Good day my appreciative readers! I hope you have had a wonderful Yuletide, or Christmas if you’d prefer. In respect to the season and because I have heard various feminist run outlets are bashing anime fan service again I will review an anime.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 26: Finishing the Semester, Why Losers Are Wrong About the Electoral College!

At 26 numbered ‘episodes’ of Breaking the Narrative, if this were a 90’s anime series I’d be through my first series. I even got a couple of specials under my belt too. Some might look at me and say ‘its time to stop!’ But I say no!…

The Alienation of Men in Fiction

by Aaron Doudy

That’s right. It’s time to analyze culture and business! Aren’t you all excited? You’re not?

Shut up.
We’re going to talk about it anyway
. Stretch those brain muscles of yours. It’s good for them.

Anyway, it’s no secret that in the publishing industry the majority of readers in their audience are female.

Breaking the Narrative Episode 24: Women Aren’t Violent….My Ass!

After touching upon male disposability and how superheroes were attempted to influence men to enlist in the military last time, I think what this conversation should evolve into now is how violent women actually can be and are if not taught to temper their own emotions early in life.…

The Worst Crime

I’ve been reading a new book, “Sex Difference Explained: From DNA to Society – Purging Gene Copy Errors” by Steve Moxon. It’s a book from New Men’s Studies, which is an independent research company out of Australia that focused on issues (and studies) that affect men and boys, that is not tainted by conclusion driven research of Feminism, but rather looking at the data and properly arriving at its conclusion.

Letter to the badgers: Linda Fairstein’s famous quote

To All:
In a 1987 Penthouse magazine article, the most famous sex crimes prosecutor of all time, Linda Fairstein, said half of rape complaints were fabrications.
In the attached PDF of the article, you will find the takeaway quote on page 118.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 23:Up, Up, and Away! Supermen are Disposable!

Good day on this Thanksgiving week for my fellow American readers! To get back into things I figured I might do something a little off the beaten path of what I  usually do which is break up shitty narratives made by feminists about the things we like and grant an honest criticism of something we all love: Superheroes.…

Breaking the Narrative Special 2: Breaking a Review with Kunio-Kun!

Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a good week coming to terms with the results of last week and are ready to delve into something we don’t usually do around here. Oh and I know I’m a couple of days late and all since my articles upload on Mondays but… since this is the nearest one to it, HAPPY BELATED INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY!…

Sword and Glory – A game about male disposability

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been playing a free mobile game called Sword and Glory. I guess it could be considered an RPG, because you have a number of choices regarding missions and gear, as well as quite complex perks and traits branching trees.…