What Were You Wearing? …and Other Invasive Questions

So early this morning I got into a discussion with an old friend. She had posted a meme from the image app Whisper saying that: If lesbians can control themselves around short skirts, then the skirt’s not the problem.

I took issue with this, not because I disagree with the statement, but rather because I felt that it was suggesting that men simply couldn’t control themselves around scantily-clad women and pointing a finger directly at them.…

Pathological Altruism: The Road to Hell is Paved with Hair Dye and Vagina Bread

You know, it never fails to astound me when I see people, when commenting on Feminists Behaving Badly, saying such things as, “They know exactly what they’re doing! They’s evil!

While the people who often make such accusations fall firmly into the realm of trait ascription bias, the caricature is all-too-common, especially in online realms.

Depictions of Men in Anime

Well, after my diversion on something a little closer to my home I’m going straight back into Japan for understanding how men are viewed across the globe. This time from a more easily cited source material: Japanese Anime. I know and very easily understand how so many of you that follow the content of the Honey Badgers are avid fans of such.…

On Supposed “White-Washing”.

Alrighty then, while I’m trying to work something out on the regular article I am preparing on depictions of different men in anime I have to take a small, but related, diversion: Scarlett Johansson playing Major Motoko Kusanagi in the Hollywood production of Ghost in the Shell, the argument being that Miss Johansson shouldn’t be allowed to play the role because of her ethnicity in particular.…

Frat boy bachelorettes and the invasion of gay bars

I saw an article in OUT Magazine about straight bachelorette parties invading and disrupting gay bars and goggling at gay men like zoo animals that I thought was interesting, but even more interesting was the feminist push back on the article.

Before we get started, let’s get clear on some terms.…

El espectro del feminismo

Traducción de un artículo original enviado por el lector de HBB Alex Thorne:

Empezaré este artículo citando torpemente la primera línea del Manifiesto comunista de Karl Marx y Friedrich Engels: «Un espectro recorre Europa: el espectro del comunismo» [1] Para adecuarnos al tema de hoy, me gustaría que sustituyerais la palabra «comunismo» por la palabra «feminismo».…

Letter to the badgers: Feminists don’t hate men?

What I think of this statement.

Feminists don’t hate men.
They just think they created the patriarchy to benefit themselves & to oppress women.
They just think they had all the power historically and used it to oppress women over the ages.…

Badger mail: We are all biased and we all have a faith or trust or belief

We are all biased and we all have a faith or trust or belief

Otherwise we would not take another step, because we would not have confidence that the ground would hold for another step forward.

There is an ongoing discussion of religion and faith in the MRM.…

Letter to the badgers; on feminism and Quebec

Hello Badgers! (please call me Bob, I’m still closeted)

I wanted to come back to one of your guests in the show of January 29th, a young Quebecois man that seemed a bit in over his head facing off with Karen. Many of the things he said reflect my own impressions of the local situation of the SJW mentality, and I felt his points deserved to be clarified and expanded.…