Reforming Rising Sun Rape

When men’s rights activists fight to get resources, the law and even the culture reformed for men who suffer from rape experiences across a wide variety of countries, feminism often stands in the way. Indeed, it could be and has been said that the gynocentric views feminism engenders serve to strengthen the apathy to achieving justice and closure for male rape victims.

Seven blind feminists feel up an imaginary Elephant

According to a survey carried out by top female executives in the tech industry, 60% of women in tech reported unwanted sexual advances. Of these, around two thirds say these advances were from a superior colleague. The survey called ‘Elephant in the Valley’ was inspired by the discourse surrounding the Ellen Pao & KPCB trial – in which the former sued her then employer, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers for gender discrimination and lost on all counts.

Why Don’t Men Hate Being Single As Much as Women Do?

Does this all have to do with just video games and porn? Possibly, but its probably not the entire picture.

As a guy who is single, I can not entirely agree with this conclusion. I know that out of the overall population, a majority of men that will do anything they can to seek out a stable relationship, as they do not like being single.…

The Independent shifts the blame in Cologne to all men

The Independent has recently published an article in regards to the Cologne attack in Germany during NYE in which around 1,000 men of predominantly North African and Arab descent were reported to have robbed, sexually assaulted and raped numerous women.…

Women explain things to me – Shaming language and sexism

Someone named “Alanna Vagianos” (Stop the adolescent snickering back there! Right now!), the Women’s Editor at the Huffington Post, has an article supposedly doing a flip-the-gender on sexist insults and shaming language. From the beginning she displays her ignorance of gender issues.…

Did Gamergate Kill David Bowie?

UPDATE: Jennifer Mendoza has indeed been confirmed as a “Poe”/satire account. Nevertheless I won’t delete this post due to its criticism of the idea that gamer culture has historically been hypermasculine and that androgyny or gender-atypicality somehow represents a threat to this culture’s values.