Breaking the Narrative Episode 6: 2012 to Present, What Have We Stepped In? It Reeks.

Now we’ve come to where we are now: This era of gaming which started with the Wii U, and the mere proposition of Anita Sarkeesian’s original campaign. The rumblings that would lead to the Quinnspiracy and #GamerGate proper were already visible.…

Calgary Expo Lawyer: “I was uninformed about my client’s name”

Honey Badgers Brigade started its suit against Calgary Expo in 2015 because of its illegal expulsion from the 2015 Calgary Comix Exposition. Its claim is being pursued in the Alberta Provincial Court to set a precedent to defend freedom of expression in the comic culture.…

Psycho mom hates it when a plan comes apart

Partial translation of a news article in La Voz de Asturias. Comments in italics.

14th June 2016

The Provincial Court grants custody to a father after false reports of sexual crimes by his ex-wife

[The tide may be slowly starting to turn? At last? Let’s see what happened exactly.

Men need to change… the rest of us are fine!

This piece is inspired by an article (not a full answer to it) published in the New York Times on April 4th, 2016. It’s written by Andrew Reiner and entitled “Teaching men to be emotionally honest”. You’ll find the original article here:

So, this article gives me mixed feelings.…

Letter to the Badgers: Buzzfeed overreacts to lesbian characters dying in a TV show

(0:24) they show a picture of the 100 star who was killed in that TV show.

Here’s the thing. She left the show because of her role as a leading character in Fear The Walking Dead, a role that is probably higher paid, as the CW surely doesn’t have the same budget as AMC.…

Letter to the badgers: Thanks for everything

Dear Honeybadger Brigade,

Thank you for everything you’ve done. I’ve been trying to donate for the longest, but now that I’ve got some extra income, from tax returns and a bonus (which you bets believe Uncle Sam took his cut ¬_¬), I’ve decided to put a hand fill of shillings in the hat.

Why is Sarah Silverman Trying to Destroy Comedy?

Sarah Silverman is no stranger to being caught in the grasp of stupidity. Just last year, she claimed that she had fallen victim to the increasingly mythical gender wage gap. A claim that she later retracted after she had been caught lying about it.

What Women Think of Feminist Frequency

Several months ago, I published two articles on my old blog, Black Trident Media, entitled “What Women Think of Feminist Frequency” in which I approached a number of women via social media and asked them to offer a counter-perspective to much of the common fluff concerning Anita Sarkeesian’s views in Feminist Frequency’s Tropes vs.…

What Were You Wearing? …and Other Invasive Questions

So early this morning I got into a discussion with an old friend. She had posted a meme from the image app Whisper saying that: If lesbians can control themselves around short skirts, then the skirt’s not the problem.

I took issue with this, not because I disagree with the statement, but rather because I felt that it was suggesting that men simply couldn’t control themselves around scantily-clad women and pointing a finger directly at them.…