Once upon a badger | Badger talk 31

Join Honey Badgers Alison Tieman, Karen Straughan, and Hannah Wallen as we discuss the start of Honey Badger Radio, and the formation of the Honey Badger Brigade. Tune in @8pm Eastern

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YAY! UK Director of Prosecution STEPS DOWN | BREAKING (Badger)

This is what happens when you choose to “listen and believe” and ignore the fact that people use these things called “PHONES”.



  1. Alison Saunders, director of public prosecutions in England and Wales, will be stepping down at the end of her five-year contract in October

– Saunders said it was her decision to leave the role and that criticism of her work atthe Crown Prosecution Service was “incredibly inaccurate” and “hugely insulting” to the service’s staff

2. …

Breaking the Narrative Episode 81: No @Redlianak, You Don’t Understand Comedy!

Well if you’ve  followed us for a while then you may be more than familiar with our differences with this particular ‘nice’ feminist. However those differences aren’t going to be what we discuss today. Today we discuss something of hers our friendly neighborhood doge has read.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 80: Introspection and Self-Reflection. Are We Doing a Good Job?

I’m sure many here have not only seen certain developments that been going for some time in relation to internet culture and interaction with what Raging Golden Eagle has called ‘meatspace.’ In fact I do kind of enjoy his approach to the subject of how society is evolving via ‘netspace’ interactions.…