In Reply To Robby Soave: Why The Gillette Advertisement Is Offensive

Reason magazine writer, and critic of political correctness Robby Soave, asks in his article ( why Gillette’s recent advertisements calling upon men to “do better” have caused a strong sense of offense among men and, in particular, some commenters on the political right.…

Talking About #ComicsGate and the Invasion of Male Hobbies w/ Just Some Guy | Fireside Chat 98

Join me on the Fireside Chat with special guest, YouTuber and comic book enthusiast, just Some Guy as we discuss all things #ComicsGate and more! Tune in @8pm Eastern!

Where to find Just Some Guy:
Twitter – @justsomeguycc
YouTube –


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Breaking the Narrative Episode 110: A Red Comet’s Brightest Burn. A Character Review of Char Aznable in Zeta Gundam.

Now that I’m back from dealing with a week of birthday nonsense, lets get back to analyzing characters from Zeta Gundam! Why you may ask? Simply enough, there is a lot of content that to analyze from this classic series that can relate to today’s political tribulations. …

The feminist advocacy research scam | HBR Talk 67

Wanna buy some bullcrap? Don’t worry… your federal representatives, your medical community, and just about the entire academic structure of your nation have all bought it FOR you. Would you like to know more?
Join the badgers on HBR Talk as we discuss this massive scam at 7PM EST.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 109:We Are Plato’s Philosopher. The Lesson of Gurren Lagann!

Happy New Year and Welcome Back! I hope you had a good holiday season whatever you celebrate! Tim… Winter-een-mas is never gonna be a thing much less what you’ll be remembered for….accept it and the LOSS! Now that I have that dead set of memes out of the way I bet you are wondering “What are you talking about today Alex and where is that Gundam shit you promised?” Hold on now hold on, I’ll get there….Trust me I have till the beginning of April to finish what I want to finish.…