Badger Pod Nerd Cast 13: There is no spoon

Anita’s rapey Christmas carols

Anita Sarkeesian’s 2011 video, “Top 5 Creepy Christmas Songs,” which details the horrors of tropes in Christmas music, has been making the rounds again recently, reminding us all that it’ll be very sexist of us to enjoy any cheerful, relaxing holiday songs this year.…

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 11: #GamerGate, DiGRA, and miscellany with guest Sargon of Akkad

DiGRA, an association of academics and professionals, began researching video games in 2003. What began as a group of researchers tracking and investigating gaming phenomena is now believed by pro-GamerGate supporters to be a group now dominated by feminist ideologues and pseudoscience.…

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 10: The social justice invasion of scifi/fantasy

This week on the Badger Pod Nerd Cast … the Honey Badgers discuss the social justice invasion of science fiction and fantasy with special guest author John C. Wright.

The social justice invasion

The sci-fi/fantasy genre has always been an interesting place.…

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 9: The Fine Young Capitalists


By: Ellen

Most of the feminists I’ve seen writing about Watchmen are torn—they think it’s a great story, but they’re not sure if it’s right for them to like it.

Near the beginning of the story, Ursula Zandt and her girlfriend Gretchen are pictured murdered in a bed with the words “Lesbian Whores” written over the headboard in their own blood.