Don’t Support The Duluth Model – Pussycat Cast 11

Join us on the Pussycat Cast with Karen as we discuss the Duluth Model and why donating to or supporting organizations that use it is actually causing more harm than good. Tune in @8pm Eastern

Duluth’s Dysfunctional Design
by Hannah Wallen

The Duluth model is the most commonly used partner abuse intervention program in the United States.…

Manchester Bombed, Women Most Affected – Polecat Cast 114

Show Notes and Sources:

Good Day, Sir! You Look Like Somebody Who Likes Degrading Minorities

By Max Derrat

For those of you who are fans of the Simpsons… remember that one episode where Homer was trying to sell a sexual performance enhancer inside a mall?

Miss USA the Terrible Terrible Equalist – Polecat Cast 113

Miss USA! Marvel cancels BLM book! Tanzanian Gem Mining? All this and more on the Polecat Cast! 6pm Eastern

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 2: 1995-1999 The End of the Bit Wars

Last time we started with basic gaming history with the first four generations. We covered them so quickly because it took that long to develop the basics. From this point forward we’ll be going by generation. As such, we need to define exactly what a generation is.…