The situation in Spain

Hello Badgers, Cassius here again.

I’ve told you a few things before about my experiences with feminism and men’s rights in Spain, but now I would like to paint a broader picture for you, in case you are not familiar with the situation: Feminism is mainstream, it is a must for every political party and to disagree with a feminist is exposing yourself to lots of “machista” insults (“machista” being some kind of “misogynist”: male superiority, basically) and social isolation.…

Letter to the badgers from a critic

Hello, Badgers.. if that is your real name.

Just writing in an emotional state before sleeping on it to calm down or something of the sort, after listening to the podcast “Fireside Chat 20: Merdumgiriz Works and #METALGATE” where Merdumgiriz spent quite a  while talking shit about critics.…

Letter to the Badgers: A suggestion

Hi Badgers,

With American Campusses,the UK and probaly New Zealand turning due process upside down with regards to rape cases.
Men is guilty untill proven innocent

UK –

New Zealand –

American Universities – numerous examples all over the internet, just ask
Laci Green.…

Letter to the Badgers, on the Jian Ghomeshi trial

Dear Badgers,

I want to answer Karen’s rhetorical question from, Karen expresses frustration, rightly, at the notion that the lawful protections are breaking down in the relentless pursuit of politically correct, regressive judicial reform which are being demanded in light of the Ghomeshi trial.…

Letter to the badgers

Be a Feminist

It’s okay to be a Feminist

Because we know women bleed and bear seed

But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists

Because we all know

Men ain’t got no need

We all know men don’t cry

They die only because they have to

Empty the trash

Thats just what men do

Carry that rock and don’t talk

Because that’s what women do

Only women are pretty

Don’t you know

So everybody

Be a Feminist

Don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists

Because women have all these feelings

Just like colorful flowers

Men have nothing

There should be nothing for them

So go ahead and be a Feminist

But don’t be a Male Rights Activists

Because men

they got no need

Anything else but feminism is just greed

You just need to understand that

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace (A Male Rights Activist) (Ya, I’m a

Feb 19, 2016

Got a lot of comments on this in the Daily Kos, but what did I expect,
however, I was not able to comment to any of the comments, I’m banned until
the 23rd.…

On what you discussed about male and female sexualization on Nerdrevolt 47 (and maybe before)

Hello Badgers,
It is Malus, if you still remember me from the email you were kind enough to read out.^^

I have been keeping on listening to many of your shows and thus, before anything else, I want to say that I am very much looking forward to your future line-up, keep on doing what you do!^^

On your last Nerdrevolt, you where discussing the old theme of male VS female sexualization in games and I found one point interesting, since I have seen the argument elsewhere: Sexualization of Men compared to that of Women.…

Ten commandments Swedish feminists want all men to read

Greetings Badgers, I discovered your show a few months back and I love you guys and have been listening almost non stop for said months now.

You guys have brought me joy, anger and frustration, and Alison’s passionate speeches have moved me to tears, at my workplace where I weld, suffer high risks of death from explosions, poisoning, crushing, falling, burning, impalement, and where I flip 1 tonne steel beams, which jet fuel can’t melt.…

Conspicuous silence

Hi again badgers! Belthazor3457 again, remember me? I made a video talking about life at private religious schools recently and observed an interesting reaction in regard to feminists. The video was posted on the atheism reddit and a couple other subreddits, but despite presenting a clear issue that effected women (and men) in the video in regard to enforcement of gender roles, a couple subreddits it was conspicuously absent on were r/women and r/feminism.…