Letter to the Badgers on sexual assault against disabled males

By Peter Wright

Excerpt from the 3-part series, “A male-centered approach to disability.”

Disabled males are four times more likely than nondisabled men to be sexually assaulted or raped.[3] The researchers of that study found that more than 5 percent of disabled men reported experiencing sexual assault during the past year, about equal to sexual assaults against disabled women.[3]

Citation: [3] Mitra, Monika, Vera E.

Letter to the Badgers: Excerpt from a Swedish newspaper

Hello Badgers,

First of all, I want to thank you all for your fantastic work bringing to light issues that very few other people dare to talk about.
I thought I would share something ridiculous I found in a Swedish newspaper today. See the attached image and the translation below:
The top line says “Men’s* contribution to discussions about rape on social medias”
The first color of the pie chart says “Ideas about how to fight rape and sexual harassment”
The second color says “How short was the girl’s skirt?/Had she been drinking?/Did she clearly say No?”
The third color says “Remind people that actually not all men rape!!”
And then lastly, the asterisk says “*Not all men ;)”
This picture is where the comic section of the newspaper usually is, so people might claim it’s a joke, but it does very much seem like a “funny cause it’s true” kind of mentality.

Letter to the Badgers: Buzzfeed overreacts to lesbian characters dying in a TV show


(0:24) they show a picture of the 100 star who was killed in that TV show.

Here’s the thing. She left the show because of her role as a leading character in Fear The Walking Dead, a role that is probably higher paid, as the CW surely doesn’t have the same budget as AMC.…

¿Las feministas no odian a los hombres?

Traducción de una carta original de Patriarchal Prophet (Profeta patriarcal).

Qué opino de esta afirmación:

Las feministas no odian a los hombres.

Únicamente piensan que han creado el patriarcado en su beneficio y para oprimir a las mujeres.

Únicamente piensan que históricamente han acaparado todo el poder y lo han empleado para oprimir a las mujeres a lo largo de los siglos.…

Suffragette movie criticisms & inaccuraccies

I apologize about it seeming a bit disjointed I didn’t want to do a simple bullet point list but I didn’t feel like planning this out with nice segways or something either.

I assume many of you went to see the fairly (not so now) recent Suffragette movie portraying the “the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement” and to little surprise, it was exactly what we expected.

Letter to the badgers; The domain of one’s ignorance

I have a colleague and friend who was, for much of his life, a working, high-level tradesman who still possesses a fair amount of engineering knowledge and practical nous. He is skilled in various mechanical tasks, clear and logical in his approach to any problem that requires both episteme and techne (knowledge and art).…

A reader’s thoughts on reproductive rights

Hey guys, I love your show(s) and I have a lot of respect for the work you do.

I’m just going to get that in quickly so as to not belabor it and, ya know, get to my point, since I know you guys are busy people. I’ve held a position on abortion for a while that, as far as I’ve seen, I’m the only one honestly holding (at least, the only one who openly speaks and debates about it).…