The Feminine Panopticon

Jeremy Bentham was the founder of Utilitarianism, but he is also known for designing a prison called the Panopticon. In the Panopticon, there was no privacy; every prisoner could be completely observed by the guard placed in the center. Postmodernist philosopher Michel Foucault noted how this lack of privacy, this constant visibility, was critical to social control more broadly.…

The Female Privilege Of Playing “Good Cop” – A Disagreement With Warren Farrell

Fathers’ rights is indeed an important men’s issue; indeed it is clearly one of the most critical owing to how it reflects systematic violations of equality under the law. But support for father’s rights does not necessarily translate into support for all styles of fathering.…

The Subversive Gender-Neutrality of Dignity Culture

Campbell and Manning’s (2014) paper “Microaggression and Moral Cultures” has been positively discussed in the anti-SJ sphere. The paper argues that intersectional social justice advocacy has created a “victimhood culture” distinct from either the “honor culture” or “dignity culture” of the past.…

Pussygate and Female Privilege

Donald Trump’s candidacy has been, to put it politely, divisive. Recently, an audio recording from 2005 was released in which Trump stated the following:

“It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it.…

Third Wave Feminism’s Cultural Feminist Roots: An Underanalyzed Topic

Many MHRM and Men’s-Issues-supportive voices criticize contemporary, Third Wave feminist thought for rejecting gender essentialism and being critical of traditional femininity. Christina Hoff-Sommers, Camille Paglia and even Milo Yiannopoulous have advanced this critique.…

Gay Men Are Not Oppressed? Really?

Britain’s National Union of Students recently claimed that LGBT student societies affiliated with the NUS should not have specific gay male representatives on the grounds that gay males are not oppressed within LGBT culture ( Many people took this article and misinterpeted it as a claim that gay men are not oppressed at all, but this article is still telling of a great shift within the Social Justice crowd.…

The Consequences Of The Discrediting Of The Lisak Rape Theory

Reason magazine is a libertarian magazine published by the Reason Foundation – a nonprofit advocacy organization to which I am a donor. Despite my political agreement with libertarianism, I have been critical of particular Reason articles in the past (see here: and additionally in a recent article ( the same journalist describes Roosh V of Return of Kings as an “MRA blogger” even though Roosh is anti-MRA and has clearly stated so).

Feminism and Social Androgyny

A common argument made by certain critics of contemporary feminism is that feminism (allegedly) seeks to erase gender differences and turn both men and women into functionally identical “androgynes.” In this article, I wish to not only critique that argument but also show the usefulness of the concept of androgyny to the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

Did Gamergate Kill David Bowie?

UPDATE: Jennifer Mendoza has indeed been confirmed as a “Poe”/satire account. Nevertheless I won’t delete this post due to its criticism of the idea that gamer culture has historically been hypermasculine and that androgyny or gender-atypicality somehow represents a threat to this culture’s values.