New Atheism As The Seed Of The Post-Religious Right: A Speculative History

Author’s Note: I am aware that HBB is primarily a gender issues blog, and I confess this article is somewhat tangential in its relationship to that subject. However, the wider ‘culture war’ context in which men’s issues are discussed needs to be addressed, especially since even discussing such issues is seen as participating in a culture war.

Are Nerdy Men Hated For Non-Mainstream Shopping Habits? A Response To Rachael Lefler

Author’s Note: This piece can also be found at A Voice For Men here:

Rachael Lefler of A Voice For Men recently wrote an article which proposed an explanation for why feminists seem so hateful towards “geek” or “nerd” culture (see…

“Where Have All The Good Men Gone?” vs. “But I’m A Nice Guy” – A Comparative Study In (Alleged) Sexual Entitlement

The feminist Michael Kimmel is well known for his thesis that American society is dealing with the phenomenon of “Angry White Men.” As Kimmel describes it, white men are angry because of “aggrieved entitlement” – white males, according to Kimmel, believe they deserve a loving wife, a good and secure job, freedom and happiness.…

A Critique Of Camille Paglia

With the exception of Christina Hoff Sommers, there is no feminist whom receives a more open-minded reception from the Men’s Human Rights Movement than Camille Paglia. Paglia is an art academic but is often known more for her incisive critiques of contemporary feminism as well as the contemporary art establishment (both of which she characterizes as bourgeois, stifling and smug betrayers of sixties counterculture radicalism).…

The Feminine Panopticon

Jeremy Bentham was the founder of Utilitarianism, but he is also known for designing a prison called the Panopticon. In the Panopticon, there was no privacy; every prisoner could be completely observed by the guard placed in the center. Postmodernist philosopher Michel Foucault noted how this lack of privacy, this constant visibility, was critical to social control more broadly.…

The Female Privilege Of Playing “Good Cop” – A Disagreement With Warren Farrell

Fathers’ rights is indeed an important men’s issue; indeed it is clearly one of the most critical owing to how it reflects systematic violations of equality under the law. But support for father’s rights does not necessarily translate into support for all styles of fathering.…

The Subversive Gender-Neutrality of Dignity Culture

Campbell and Manning’s (2014) paper “Microaggression and Moral Cultures” has been positively discussed in the anti-SJ sphere. The paper argues that intersectional social justice advocacy has created a “victimhood culture” distinct from either the “honor culture” or “dignity culture” of the past.…