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I am sick to death of hearing this narrative in the media. Mainly because it’s the same narrative that the liberal left uses again and again. They use it so much that I’m certain you’ve heard it.

In fact you probably already know what I’m going to say even though the entire first paragraph would be vague without this title.…

Amy Everson is a fucking lunatic


Amy Everson is a feminist artist, and like most feminist artists she is a narcissistic asshole with a victim complex. To call feminist artists, artists at all is an insult to people who love and respect the craft of creating art in the first place. Most art is meant to provoke an emotion from the viewer, but feminist “art” in it’s own way bullies people to a specific emotion.…

Honey Badger Radio: The unkindest cut

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University of Ottawa Hockey team file 6 million dollar lawsuit
The men’s hockey team of the University of Ottawa is now filing a class action lawsuit against the unversity after it’s suspension last year. The entire team was punished following allegations of sexual assault against two of their players.…

Honey Badger Radio: Your Princess is in another castle


Women waiting to use the bathroom is oppression
In a recent article by Soraya Chemaly, she demands equity for women in the realm of porceline. She states that women waiting in lines to use the bathroom is oppressive and fails to realize how utterly ridiculous this statement is.…

Honey Badger Radio: Feminist Grinches

Writer of satirical article has his home vandalized by SJWs
Omar Mahmood, a student at the University of Michigan, was barred from writing in a student newspaper on campus after controversy erupted over an article he’d written.

The article in question, “Do the Left Thing,” was a satirical piece poking fun at the ultra-liberal, overly sensitive branch of political left (aka social justice warriors).…

Honey Badger Radio: The Beauty of Male Sexuality with guest Mercedes Carrera

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The Rolling stone travesty

Last month, Rolling Stone published an article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely alleging the brutal gang rape of a woman named Jackie during a party at a University of Virginia fraternity house. The story provided details of the alleged rape, and accused the university of failing to respond to the accusation.…

Honey Badger Radio: Drunk Girl Viral Hoax with special guest Josh Blaine

Chris Rock comments on political correctness
Comedian Chris Rock spoke of the culture brewing on college campuses in a recent interview, stating that he no longer does shows for colleges because of their extreme political correctness.

Well, I love Bill [Maher], but I stopped playing colleges, and the reason is because they’re way too conservative….

Honey Badger Radio: #ShirtStorm

On November 12, 2014, scientist Matt Taylor landed a spacecraft on a comet. But as scientists rejoiced over this feat of extreme difficulty, all feminists could think about was what he was wearing.

The aftermath of TIME‘s word ban poll

Last week we reported an annual TIME poll, calling for the ban of  the word feminist.…

The Ballad of Geordie Tait

Every now and then a social justice warrior comes along that is, well, special. Someone so utterly bonkers that they do our job for us. They do us all a favor by setting an example of what sort of human being you should never aspire to be.

Recently, we had the marvelous Geordie Tait show up on the #GamerGate scene, and he is a level far beyond #FullMcIntosh.…