Bros? We Got an App for That.


Don’t bro me if you don’t know me.



Bros before hoes.

Like its older brother, “man,” bro is being portmanteau’d into everything, as slutty a syllable as you’ll ever encounter. You know you’ve done it, too, reader, just slipped that word into some sweet little consenting phrase.…

Salon Rebuttal–White Men and Guns

The Patriarchy was resoundingly smashed last month when renowned contributor and probable human Chauncey Devega blamed genocide, slavery, murder, racism and poor table manners on straight white men with guns. The thrust of this seminal essay’s unique, penetrating insight is that white men love guns and hate everything else.…

UN Report on Discrimination Against Women Has Glaring Gap: Men

UN experts declared last week that discrimination against women in the US is “worse than in most developed nations,” summarizing a preliminary report to the UN Human Rights Council. The report is scheduled for release in full sometime next year.…

The Year in Feminist Idiocy

Vice continued its crusade against truth and taste by publishing Chelsea G. Summer’s gleeful piece on “the new misandry chic.”

The article begins with a brief recitation of all the ways in which Western feminists gave men the finger in 2014, from the ubiquitous male tears mugs to “Etsy samplers emblazoned with ‘men are scum’” to the invention of Misanmas and the Misandrist’s Prayer.…