Knicker Pissing Bull Shit | Rage 65

Women are the largest gaming demographic. Perchance has anyone heard this one trotted out yet again?

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Pussycat 13 – Feminism: Kills sperm dead

Western men’s sperm counts are down. Scientists suspect chemicals, but could feminism’s demonizing narrative be a factor? 

Toxic masculinity is a buzzword created by feminists to facilitate blaming men for the external pressures to which they are subjected, most often by the very systems and social attitudes that feminists themselves support and exploit.…

Talking Crash Override, Betsy Devos and Lauren Southern with Ashe Schow – Fireside Chat 63

Join us on the Fireside Chat with actual journalist Ashe Schow as we discuss a couple of her articles as well as the Patreon/Lauren Southern debacle.

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