Women’s Suffrage: Cancer Juice

I got bad news folks: The Progressive Morale Officer of the Men’s Rights Movement just committed suicide. But we don’t really have time to mourn, because we need to sit down and have a little chat. I write this to explain a wake-up call I’ve had recently, to give an uncomfortable Red Pill reality check to the MRM in regards to what we say we’re doing versus what we are doing.…

Marital wallet rape is bad, mkay?

On September 16th 2016 Janet Bloomfield wrote an article called “There is no such thing as marital rape”.


Now in the article the argument she makes is that even though it is possible to assault your spouse on the basis that “I do” does not include agreeing to domestic violence, “martial duties” however is part of marriage, and therefore it is a logical impossibility to rape your spouse, on the basis that contract includes consent to sex.…

480 Sexual Assaults at the Men’s Rights Conference

[The names of the survivors in the following have been concealed and given anonymity for their own safety, well-being and fear of retaliation for speaking out]

            “The incident deeply affected me, to be honest. I wake weeping in the night sometimes, after dreaming my tongue has been taken by a mad Canadian, and I no longer frequent beer gardens.”

Rape Culture at the second International Conference on Men’s Issues, ICMI16 in London.…