Comment to the National Post on Ryerson University lawsuit

The following is my coment under a National Post article “Men’s issues group taking Ryerson University’s student union to court over club status.”

It sounds like Ryerson University’s student union has taken a political position and defined “equity” to suit that position, rather than operate under a non-discrimination policy.…

Soggy knees!

Damseling intensifies over Trump’s failure to venerate women.

Response to two recent stories coming out of the Trump campaign give an interesting look at how egalitarian statements from a candidate can clash with the public’s gynocentrism.…

Foregen sees progress in foreskin regeneration research

Due to the subject matter of this article, it should be noted that links and video in this article will include material that is not safe for work (NSFW.)


Foregen is a company working to regenerate the foreskin for circumcised males. The company’s website states two reasons for doing this:

  • To reverse the harm done by circumcision.

Hulk Hogan vs Gawker courtroom smackdown

Final testimony and closing arguments were heard on Thursday and Friday in Hulk Hogan’s privacy lawsuit against Gawker for the tabloid site’s publication of secretly recorded video of him engaged in a sex act.

The video was published in 2012 along with an article examining public fascination with celebrity sex tapes.

Mean girled: Crybully has Mercedes Carrera deplatformed at SXSW

Today’s SavePoint panel, a discussion on the gaming community hosted by South by Southwest, almost didn’t happen. Upon learning that it had been scheduled, opponents of #Gamergate engaged in a concentrated campaign to heckle the administrators of SXSW into canceling it, and at one point, it seemed they had been successful.

#Wikigate: Oversight, or political gate-keeping?

Art Plus Feminism’s edit-a-thon organizers assert that their intentions are good. In a message sent to Kraut and Tea after he began research for his article and videos about their endeavor, a representative of the organization wrote to him that no bias is included in the edit-a-thon’s goals.…

The feminist crusade against fatherhood

reprinted from Breaking the Glasses

Feminists will tell you that “Patriarchy” is the reason fathers are discriminated against in criminal court, via the presumption that women are better caregivers. That assertion is on a list that is being circulated and repeated by grassroots feminists in “debate,” without ever questioning its validity.

The primary victim of “equality” is not your daughter

In December of 2015 Defense Secretary Ashton Carter made the decision to integrate women into every area of military services. This has resulted in a variety of responses, including a bill by two representatives intended to force debate on Capital Hill over women’s role in the military.…