But… Muh Patriarchy! | HBR Talk 68

If you ask
and you receive
and you accept it
and when people find out
THEN you’re embarrassed…
whose fault is that?
Join HBR Talk as we examine feminism’s cups-and-ball-style Patriarchy blame game!
7pm Eastern

Opening monologue transcript

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The feminist advocacy research scam | HBR Talk 67

Wanna buy some bullcrap? Don’t worry… your federal representatives, your medical community, and just about the entire academic structure of your nation have all bought it FOR you. Would you like to know more?
Join the badgers on HBR Talk as we discuss this massive scam at 7PM EST.…

Damsel power | HBR Talk 65

Join the badgers as we examine a power almost unique to women; the ability to leverage accusations of sexual misconduct for big payouts and political influence – featuring Karen Straughan, Lauren B, and Hannah Wallen. Tune in @ 7PM EST.

Opening monologue transcript

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For decades, feminists have promoted a narrative deeming western civilization a “rape culture” in which the female population at large is sexually dominated by the male population at large. While different subgroups of feminist ideologues use different wording to describe the concept, the overall narrative has a set of characteristics that are common to most of the descriptions I’ve come across from feminist sources, including that expressed by wikiproject feminism’s editors in wikipedia’s article on rape culture.…

Weaponizing women’s tears | HBR Talk 64

Join Karen Straughan, Lauren B, and Hannah Wallen on HBR Talk as we discuss the use of women’s tears as a weapon against male independence, men’s spaces, men’s pursuits, men’s interests… and masculinity in general.…

Inconvenient historical context = spam!

This comment was originally left under an article on PJ Media’s blog. The comment was up for several minutes before I decided to tweet a link to it.
Minutes after I shared it, it was reported as spam and removed from the article. As of the posting of this blog, that designation has been contested, and Disqus has marked it with the reply “
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Interestingly, the “no-misgendering, no-deadnaming” policy was enacted shortly after MRAs began publicly discussing the backstory on feminism’s “toxic masculinity” narrative.…

Title IX Update: Badgers discuss Betsy DeVos’s proposed policy changes | HBR Talk 62

Join the Badgers as we discuss several new due process protections with which Betsy DeVos wants to update Education Department policy on University handling of campus sexual misconduct allegations.

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PC Culture: How NPCs are created

The weaponizing of political correctness against Americans’ recognition of the value of their human rights and personal freedoms relies on an interesting trick: It’s much easier to get people to believe a lie that’s a twisted version of a truth than to sell them on a blatant lie.…