Censorship is Discussion, The Law is Misogyny, and Other Absurdities – HBR News 145


Join us on HBR News as we tackle the insanity of the week! Including how “Carceral Feminism” is bad for women, the plight of the Nymphs, blood for the Slenderman, and much more! Tune in @6pm Eastern!

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Title IX Can’t Catch a Break, US Law is Islamophobic, Geek Girl Con – Polecat Cast 121


Join us on the Polecat Cast as we discuss the news of the week, from Title IX to Fake Geek Girl Cons, From US Law being discriminatory as compared to Sharia Law to Asians being too good at college. Tune in @ 6pm Eastern!

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Do You Eat Cheese?

Rosie O’Donnell’s Trump Game, Anita Keynotes, Rapist Sues Victim – Polecat Cast 119


Join us on the Polecat as we discuss the news of the week, including a teacher who is suing a student she slept with, flamethrowers for self defense, Rosie O’Donnel’s anti-Trump game, and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern

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Feminism Corrupts Even the Best Examples of Feminism
By Max Derrat
If you were to think of a good example of feminism (or at least a less bad version of feminism), you would think of a powerful woman who defies all stereotypes… a woman who majors in STEM without blaming her problems on men or patriarchy, etc.