Talking Parental Alienation With Amanda Sillars | Fireside Chat 81


Join Brian on the Fireside Chat with this week’s guest, Amanda Sillars!

Amanda Sillars is is a lived experience educator of parental alienation and the founding director of the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation.

Amanda is dedicated to educating the public about parental alienation, raising more awareness, providing resources about parental alienation and working in collaboration with the University of Tasmania on research of parental alienation.…

Dungeons & Dragons, the Throne of Power and Privilege | Doge and Aydin Show 1

Join Brian and Aydin Paladin as we go through an academic paper that tries to make the following claim: Dungeons & Dragons reinforces oppressive ideas about race, gender and privilege. Tune in @3pm Eastern!


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Roaming Millennial on Feminism and Men’s Issues with Karen Straughan | Fireside Chat 80

Join Karen and Brian on the Fireside Chat as we talk with YouTuber and Cultural/Political commentator, Roaming Millennial! Tune in @2pm Eastern

Roaming Millennial’s social media places:





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