The Danger of Thanking Male Allies on Women’s Day | HBR News 150

Join the Badgers Hannah, Mike, Max and Brian as we look at the news of the week! This week Soe Gschwind-Penski gets death threats for thanking men on Women’s Day, the questionable future of Marvel Comics’ creator Stan Lee and his legacy, and the first man to be arrested for “sexism” in Belgium!…

Talking about LGBT Advocacy within the MRM with Prince of Queens – Fireside Chat 76

Join Brian and special guest Prince of Queens on this week’s Fireside Chat as we discuss his work on YouTube, feminism and LGBT advocacy as well as current events. Tune in @5pm Eastern!

Prince of Queens’ channel:

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Ishiro and Brian Discuss School Shootings and More | Fireside Chat 75

Join us on the Fireside Chat as we talk with guest J. Ishiro about school shootings, toxic masculinity, and other randomness. Tune in @3pm Eastern!

Author J. Ishiro Finney is the creator of the Casefile: Arkham graphic novel series. He’s worked in both the comics & publishing industry for over a decade and has many credits under his belt, including work with DC Comics, Image, and Archaia Entertainment.…