Badger Pod Nerd Cast 5: Hannah vs. The Bear

Works discussed: Her, Disney villainesses, Female Thor, and THE EPIC BATTLE OF HANNAH VS. CEDRIC/CYRIL/CAESAR THE BEAR!


by Ellen Fishbein

The portrayal of Theodore in the film Her as a vulnerable, emotionally complex person combats the feminist image of man as a creature driven by uniquely violent, dangerous male sexuality.…

Honey Badger Radio: Men’s issues conference–An orgy of misogyny!

The International Conference on Men’s Issues has come and gone, leaving confused and disoriented reporters bobbing in its wake.

Most of the press coverage cherry-picked for maximum drama and offence: painting the conference as a den of murderers and rapists out to steal all that’s good and wholesome in the world just to shove it in a hole and poop on it.…

Honey Badger Radio: Elliot Rodger, the new face of the men’s rights movement?

Last Friday, Elliot Rodger slashed three men to death with a knife.

Their names were:

Cheng Yuan “James” Hong, 20
George Chen, 19
Weihan “David” Wang, 20.

Three young men who had their entire lives ahead of them.

He then went on to shoot three others: one man and two women.…

Badger Pod Nerd Cast Two

Rick and Morty – Overview and Episode 7(written by DoctorRandomercam)

Rick and Morty is what happens when a dispossessed Dan Harmon stomps away from Community, grabs the most warped and disturbing cartoonist he can find on the internet – one Justin Roiland – and they go to Adult Swim, get presumably blackout drunk together… and create a Back to the Future cartoon.…

Honey Badger Radio: Predators on Campus

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In the news on August 22, 2013, Dr. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of the status of women announced the Government of Canada’s support for a movement by the White Ribbon Campaign and the Toronto Argonauts in which they claim to:

“engage men and boys in reducing violence against women and girls in the Toronto area”

The government of Canada is providing $600,000 for the 36 month project entitled “Huddle Up and Make the Call – A Gender-based Violence Prevention Project” to teach young men and boys they are all potential abusers.…