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Suddenly Americans Care About Women’s Soccer and Miners Die… For Equality! | HBR News 217


Join us on the HBR News show as we take a look at the honks of the week, from women’s soccer chants to Canadian rape shield laws to Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest to the power of e-thot bathwater and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern! 1:12 – 1:55 —- Intro 5:25 – 6:50 —- Women’s soccer team for equality 16:42 – 18:43 —- Miner’s dying because of gender...

You can support ICMI 2019 even if you can’t attend in person!


Want to support ICMI 2019 but you can’t attend?  We now have a number of options for you to support ICMI 2019 including remote tickets! Help make ICMI 2019 the biggest men’s rights event of the year! The idea behind ICMI 2019 was to open our very own men’s rights convention to the larger Culture War and manosphere, bringing in guests from all corners of the current...

ICMI 2019 Fundraiser!