Breaking the Narrative Episode 85: I Snorted Something Fierce! A Review of Devil’s Line!

I hinted at this one in a prior article, but I that’s only because in this anime season this is important to keep an eye on. It tackles something very relatable to our movement. This anime is known as Devil’s Line – the premise? Vampires are real in our modern world.…

Badgering through feminism’s tone police | HBR Talk 35

Join us on this week’s HBR Talk, in preparation for the next step on our trip down memory lane, we examine the shaming language feminists use to control the dialogue on gender issues. Tune in at 8PM Eastern!

Exposing Feminism’s article, The Catalogue of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics

Song at beginning of opening video: “Social Justice Brain Shuffle” by Mad Men Ministries
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Transcript for opening video:
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Breaking The Narrative Episode 84: Aim for the Top! A Review of Megalo Box!

Something I’ve been noticing this season of anime is a lot of anime coming out that show the true nature of men and masculinity. Either through what we’ve gone over with emotion in Souten No Ken Regenesis, or with the nature of a show I plan on covering later called Devil’s Line, which not only tackles demonization and isolation, but the loneliness that occurs from it.…