Breaking the Narrative Episode 63: What is With Anime This Year? A Review of “My Girlfriend is a Serious Bitch!”

Hooo boy everyone… I did NOT see this one coming. This is going to be a rare bird for me as it literally just came out right before the writing of this so you are kind of getting my live reactions to the content. There is only one episode as of this writing but when I saw the title “僕の彼女がマジメ過ぎるしょびっちな件” which Romanizes into “Boku no Kanojo Majimesugiru ShoBitchi na Ken” Or to go with how I’m translating it with my comprehension of the language My Girlfriend is a Serious Bitch!

Toxic Masculinity

When I first looked into this term a few years ago, I traced it back to feminist usage which indicated intent to use hasty generalizations as a method for smearing masculinity and by extension, men.

At the time, I just read recent feminist writing on it, and surmised its purpose from that.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 62: No Jimmy! We Don’t Need To Give Up Our Guns!

Most everyone out there is familiar now with the teary eyed acting of Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show with that stint likely written by leftist writers looking to use the imbecile as a mouthpiece for gun control. The only times I seriously liked Jimmy Kimmel was on Win Ben Stein’s Money when he played being semi gay with the host Ben Stein in a jovial manner and then on The Man Show with Adam Carolla, basically playing off his more conservative co-hosts which could be something to show a need for balance from a time where we were considerably more united and balanced as a country. … Sign up, get notifications.

The Honey Badger Brigade now has an RSS feed aggregator for all the Honey Badger feeds on the internet. One stop shop,!

Get notifications for all of our livestream feed. We have expanded to several platforms. If spreading our message far and wide hadn’t been enough motivation, Youtube’s anti-speech shenanigans have made this even more necessary.…

Caeruleus Valentinius: My Experience As a Male Rape Victim

Caeruleus Valentinius describes his helpseeking ordeal, having been forcibly raped by a woman, which ultimately led to his realization that there was no help or recourse for him specifically because of his sex.

Angry? You should be. Nobody’s sex is a reason to be dismissed as a victim of violence.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 61: And You Were Doing So Well! The Escapist Done Goofed!

I’m sure by the title you know which article we are talking about: A “Gamers are Dead” article here in September 2017 (as of this writing). Funny how this just fell right into our laps the usual day I start writing my next weeks articles.…