Tools of the thought police – Pussycat cast 15

Activists involved with the men’s rights movement may already be familiar with Exposing Feminism’s article, The Catalogue of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics, wherein the writer gives a rundown of several specific types of shaming language feminists have used for years to try to shut down nonfeminist male discussion on men’s issues.…

Rebel Media Says Sign the (((Petition))) ! – Rantzerker 91

Join Alison and Karen as we touch the poop, diving feet first into the controversy surrounding Ezra Levant and his former employee Caolan Robertson.

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“Alt-right?” Meet the CTRL-left.

The discussion surrounding recent political violence in the United States has reached a surreal state, with serious allegations being widely flung about and taken seriously regardless of whether or not they are deserved.

Yes, some terrible things have happened, and yes, there has been terribly violent rhetoric.…

Sand in your Google Box | Rage 68

I have no idea what’s happening here. It’s like one of those sesame street sketches where you don’t get it and you might be in a coma right now.


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