Scaring Sons Into Suicide – Polecat Cast 115

Mattress Girl returns! Urban Dictionary! Wonder Woman! All this and more on this week’s Polecat Cast!

Show Notes:

Urban Warfare
By Mike J.

Founded in 1999, the website Urban Dictionary has served as little more than a fun way to waste. The site allows users to add and define words or phrases, some of which more contemporary dictionaries wouldn’t dare touch.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 49: Feature-ception! Royal Privilege is a Lie!

Today after spending the bulk of a month away from anime (after the anime month,) AniFem has proved to be complete cancer yet again, pushing shit now about privilege while kids die in Manchester and Laci Green inquires about sacred Kekistan.…

Talking About the Red Pill with Feminist Brittany Simon – Fireside Chat 60


Join us on the Fireside Chat as we discuss The Red Pill documentary with feminist YouTuber Brittany Simon. Tune in @1pm Eastern

Simon’s Channel:

Original video review:

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