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Traducción de un artículo de Hannah Wallen.

Traductora: E. V. In’Morales

Revisor: El Ratel

No, este artículo no habla sobre la violación. De hecho, es todo lo contrario. Trata sobre alejarse, salir corriendo incluso. Concretamente, es sobre el derecho a salir corriendo; el derecho de los hombres a negarse a confiar, a evitar centrarse en las relaciones y a no abrirse a las mujeres más allá del nivel de interacción más superficial.…

Breaking the Narrative Special 1: Anti-Feminists Are Dangerous? Really Now!

I’m sure the lot of you have seen by now this article on Oxygen.com (http://archive.is/2byvF , posting archive for those who wish to avoid giving into their clickbait.), the 7 Dangerous Anti-Feminist Groups You Should Know About by Eric Shorey.…

Perfect Recipe for SJWs: The Real O’Neals (Review)

Very recently, I watched the last episode of Persons of Interest and needed something else to watch. Over the last few years, I’ve watched a lot of different things and starting to run out of things to watch. I started searching around and found a show.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 11: “Thats a Man Baby!” Transgenders in Gaming

To continue finishing up on the concept of representation in video games I think the best way to tidy this whole thing up is by showing examples of transgender characters in video games. So far we’ve been going purely by characters that have been obvious examples.…

Why Feminazi is a perfectly valid word

If your repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it and you will even come to believe it yourself.  Joseph Goebbels.

You know, feminists make a huge fuss whenever you mention the word “feminazi”. They will tell you that such a word doesn’t exist; that it is only used by bigots who want to discredit their movement; that anyone who uses it is automatically a misogynist and no further debate is necessary; that it is a symptom of fear-mongering and bad argumentation skills (after all, we know the golden rule of debate: if nothing else works, compare them to the Nazis.…

10 reasons to reject the notion of a “gender perspective”

The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on 8th August 2016. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:


Are there issues that primarily affect women?…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 10: Skintight? Holy Speedos Fatman!

Hello once again!
Let’s keep on with dealing in male representation video games, which we talked about last time by showing the consistency of positive minority role models throughout history. Now we are going to show how male forms are equally and consistently sexualized in the medium of video games.…

Why the Mainstream Media Actually Fears Gamers.

Full disclosure: This is purely an opinion piece however it is informed by the actions of the past.

When #GamerGate, The Quinnspiracy and the various events surrounding the Internet Culture War that spun out of it started two years ago, no one thought for a moment that it would last even a month.…

Letter to the Badgers: Excerpt from a Swedish newspaper

Hello Badgers,

First of all, I want to thank you all for your fantastic work bringing to light issues that very few other people dare to talk about.
I thought I would share something ridiculous I found in a Swedish newspaper today. See the attached image and the translation below:
The top line says “Men’s* contribution to discussions about rape on social medias”
The first color of the pie chart says “Ideas about how to fight rape and sexual harassment”
The second color says “How short was the girl’s skirt?/Had she been drinking?/Did she clearly say No?”
The third color says “Remind people that actually not all men rape!!”
And then lastly, the asterisk says “*Not all men ;)”
This picture is where the comic section of the newspaper usually is, so people might claim it’s a joke, but it does very much seem like a “funny cause it’s true” kind of mentality.

(Des)Empoderamiento de las niñas

Traducción de un artículo original de Alison Tieman.

Traductora: E. V. In’Morales

Revisor: El Ratel

Una niña le pega a un niño. ¡Un aplauso! ¡Las chicas al poder! ¡Poder femenino!

Pero no lo es, no es poder femenino. Lo que celebramos en realidad es que la violencia de la niña es distinta, de algún modo, a la del niño.…