Badger mail

Letter to the badgers

Be a Feminist

It’s okay to be a Feminist

Because we know women bleed and bear seed

But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists

Because we all know

Men ain’t got no need

We all know men don’t cry

They die only because they have to

Empty the trash

Thats just what men do

Carry that rock and don’t talk

Because that’s what women do

Only women are pretty

Don’t you know

So everybody

Be a Feminist

Don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists

Because women have all these feelings

Just like colorful flowers

Men have nothing

There should be nothing for them

So go ahead and be a Feminist

But don’t be a Male Rights Activists

Because men

they got no need

Anything else but feminism is just greed

You just need to understand that

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace (A Male Rights Activist) (Ya, I’m a

Feb 19, 2016

Got a lot of comments on this in the Daily Kos, but what did I expect,
however, I was not able to comment to any of the comments, I’m banned until
the 23rd.

Repeatedly I have been asked, what rights do you want? The short and
simple answer is, I believe men should have the right to have rights and
feminism’s objection is proof of their hypocrisy when they say they believe
in equality. This makes me more MRA then ever before.

Shepard of Peace

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  • Raymond Age

    Are you guys going to be hitting many events, especially comicons this year? I would love to know, I hit a lot of those, want to offer support, etc.

    • Jon Boudreau

      yeah we haven’t got an update on the whole comicon fiasko, would be nice to get an update

  • Keith_Indy

    Of course you were banned, because that’s the way to deal with unpopular opinions. Plug your ears up and go “NA NA NA NA NA NA NA”

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