EDF energy faces backlash after ill-advised egalitarian approach to encouraging children into STEM

EDF Energy – one of the main UK suppliers of gas and electricity – launched the #prettycurious campaign. The Pretty Curious Challenge was a social media competition for children aged 11-16 years old, asking them to submit ideas for a smart home.

During last year’s Pretty Curious programme, EDF ran a series of workshops for teen girls.…

A reader’s thoughts on reproductive rights

Hey guys, I love your show(s) and I have a lot of respect for the work you do.

I’m just going to get that in quickly so as to not belabor it and, ya know, get to my point, since I know you guys are busy people. I’ve held a position on abortion for a while that, as far as I’ve seen, I’m the only one honestly holding (at least, the only one who openly speaks and debates about it).…

Why Feminism Despises Japanese Culture.

by Alex Tinsley

In the time since the rise of #GamerGate a lot of those critical of feminism and its practices may have noticed that they have tried their best to remove many aspects of Japanese culture from our own, aspects that have been introduced through both video games and anime.…

The situation in Spain

Hello Badgers, Cassius here again.

I’ve told you a few things before about my experiences with feminism and men’s rights in Spain, but now I would like to paint a broader picture for you, in case you are not familiar with the situation: Feminism is mainstream, it is a must for every political party and to disagree with a feminist is exposing yourself to lots of “machista” insults (“machista” being some kind of “misogynist”: male superiority, basically) and social isolation.…

Feminism and emotional intelligence

First, I must say that I’m no expert in emotional intelligence. At all. I merely have a superficial theoretical understanding of the subject, so I’ll be using simple and basic concepts here (because those are the only ones I have). But I think they’ll be useful for my point.…

Letter to the badgers from a critic

Hello, Badgers.. if that is your real name.

Just writing in an emotional state before sleeping on it to calm down or something of the sort, after listening to the podcast “Fireside Chat 20: Merdumgiriz Works and #METALGATE” where Merdumgiriz spent quite a  while talking shit about critics.…

Bros? We Got an App for That.


Don’t bro me if you don’t know me.



Bros before hoes.

Like its older brother, “man,” bro is being portmanteau’d into everything, as slutty a syllable as you’ll ever encounter. You know you’ve done it, too, reader, just slipped that word into some sweet little consenting phrase.…

Qué hacer si te imponen injustamente una orden de alejamiento temporal

Traducción de un artículo original de Hannah Wallen, publicado el 5 de febrero de 2016.

Actualización de una publicación de Breaking the Glasses sobre cómo enfrentarse a una orden de alejamiento temporal, también conocida como orden de protección civil, por parte de una expareja vengativa o manipuladora.

Letter to the Badgers: A suggestion

Hi Badgers,

With American Campusses,the UK and probaly New Zealand turning due process upside down with regards to rape cases.
Men is guilty untill proven innocent

UK –

New Zealand –

American Universities – numerous examples all over the internet, just ask
Laci Green.…

Letter to the Badgers, on the Jian Ghomeshi trial

Dear Badgers,

I want to answer Karen’s rhetorical question from, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q25rP9t0ZI. Karen expresses frustration, rightly, at the notion that the lawful protections are breaking down in the relentless pursuit of politically correct, regressive judicial reform which are being demanded in light of the Ghomeshi trial.…