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Rantzerker 35: Broadly Bullshitting with Amy Ziering

Join Karen and Alison as they discuss Amy Ziering’s appearance on Vice’s Broadly and the Hunting Ground. Or, rather, the Punting Ground.

Date: January 25th, 2016
Time: 2 PM Eastern

Responding to: Amy Ziering Talks Campus Rape and Why No One Believes Women



Nerdrevolt 49: Thats a wrap, anita!…

Dear Tech Crunch, You Suck at Reason and Compassion

Some woman wrote an absolutely ludicrous article on Tech Crunch entitled Dear White People, You Suck at Diversity, but I shall not be referring to her anything other than “Wimmin in Tech Crunch” because by her very own argument, to do so is to deny that sexual identity, gender and race are what matter above everything.…

The Year in Feminist Idiocy

Vice continued its crusade against truth and taste by publishing Chelsea G. Summer’s gleeful piece on “the new misandry chic.”

The article begins with a brief recitation of all the ways in which Western feminists gave men the finger in 2014, from the ubiquitous male tears mugs to “Etsy samplers emblazoned with ‘men are scum’” to the invention of Misanmas and the Misandrist’s Prayer.…

11-year-old boy commits suicide in Spain

Commented translation of the suicide note of a Spanish 11-year-old boy. The case has been reopened.

Carmen González, the mother of the 11-year-old boy Diego, found out about her son’s suicide in a tragic way. She was supposed to go over some school lessons with him, but couldn’t find him in his room.…

Credit Sesame: The citizen game

China has a new system, Credit Sesame, which links to citizens’ social networks and rates their behavior based on government approval or disapproval with a running score. This gamification of citizen loyalty even imposes guilt or approval by association, altering citizens’ scores based on the scores of their associates.…

Georgia’s Got Rape and Witch Hunts On Her Mind

Georgia Tech is facing increased scrutiny for its use of the single judge, jury and executioner model to try rape cases, and may be changing its approach to accusations in the near future. The university has been embroiled in increasing controversy over the 12 students who have been expelled for sexual assault allegations in the last five years, two of which brought lawsuits to the school.…

Feminist acts of violence in Colombian campus

English translation of an official statement issued by Del Valle University (Cali, Colombia)

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/universidad-del-valle/universidad-del-valle-consejo-acad%C3%A9mico-condena-los-actos-violentos-del-pasado-1/10153826883799235

Del Valle University, 16th January 2016

The Academic Council condemns the acts of violence committed on the university campus on January 13th.…

Ten commandments Swedish feminists want all men to read

Greetings Badgers, I discovered your show a few months back and I love you guys and have been listening almost non stop for said months now.

You guys have brought me joy, anger and frustration, and Alison’s passionate speeches have moved me to tears, at my workplace where I weld, suffer high risks of death from explosions, poisoning, crushing, falling, burning, impalement, and where I flip 1 tonne steel beams, which jet fuel can’t melt.…

Conspicuous silence

Hi again badgers! Belthazor3457 again, remember me? I made a video talking about life at private religious schools recently and observed an interesting reaction in regard to feminists. The video was posted on the atheism reddit and a couple other subreddits, but despite presenting a clear issue that effected women (and men) in the video in regard to enforcement of gender roles, a couple subreddits it was conspicuously absent on were r/women and r/feminism.…