Custody and child support, facts vs feminists

Opponents of men’s rights activism respond to discussion on custody and child support by denying the validity of father’s issues. Their story is that the movement’s assertions about court bias are unfounded. Their counter uses a combination of claims and insinuation to portray men as deadbeats who wantonly father unwanted children, abandon them, and then whine about being expected to support them.…

HYPOAGENCY – “Pussy”, “bitch”, “harpy” and “girl”

The behavior of the terms “pussy”, “bitch”, “harpy” and “girl” in the language, including cultural strictures on their use, shows how deeply attached people are to female hypoagency, even those who insist they reject this patriarchal gender norm.…

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Badger Pod Nerdcast 28: Going on a Feel Trip

Join the badgers as we discuss Studio Ghibli films!

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BadgerPod Gamergate # 8: Twelve Angry Boobs

Join the badgers as we discuss the various happenings in Gamergate, #aggressive cleavage, Anita’s “how to be a feminist” talk, that time Milo was on “the Big Questions” and the new Batwoman Cover(and the Social Justice push to censor it.)

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TIME, Human Rights Watch ignore male victims of violence, report that female victims are ignored

Story: Violence against women with disabilities is often ignored in several countries

The TIME story links to a Human Rights Watch report, Include Women, Girls With Disabilities in Anti-Violence Efforts. According to TIME, this report shows that “Women with disabilities are three times as likely to be raped, physically abused or sexually assaulted,” but are “often ignored when it comes to prevention programs.” This gives reader no context to determine the group to which these women’s experiences are being compared.…

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Badger Pod Nerdcast 27: Put those away or you’ll poke out someone’s eye!

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BadgerPod Gamergate # 7: Gamergate Update

Join the badgers as we discuss Metal Gear Solid and how it predicted Gamer Gate with special guest Oliver Cambell and Max Derrat.…


You’re an adult speaker of English; what does the word “effeminate” convey to you? A man who acts too girly, right? It’s the main gay stereotype, the flaming queen in bright colors and loud patterns with exaggeratedly feminine voice mannerisms and florid

Of course “effeminate” is a word almost always applied only to men.…

If you want to engage with the Men’s Rights Movement: First acknowledge feminists’ enmity to equal rights for men

The MRM has developed through several stages and at the moment anti-MRAs, feminists in particular, are asking why MRAs are so obsessively anti-feminist. Now if they were a little more familiar with feminism’s stated principles – gender equality and a commitment to dismantling traditional gender roles – and then to to draw the obvious conclusions from these principles, they wouldn’t be asking this question because they would have arrived independently at the same answer as MRAs have.…