This is what sexual entitlement looks like: White men, Asian women, and the white women who hate them

In a post from a long time ago, unrelated to the actual topic of the post, a very interesting discussion of sexual ownership developed. (This is why I cherish thread drift, by the way.) The issue was the way white women treat—judging, sneering, accusing—white men who are in romantic relationships with non-white women, especially Asian* women.…

This upcoming week (Dec 7th-13th) on Honey Badger Radio!

badgercaveBadger Cave: Men’s issues student activism with Sage Gerard, founder of KSU Men

The Badgers will be interviewing KSU Men’s hero Sage Gerard, badgering him on issues of male student rights, activism, campus trends, and his own personal experiences.…

Honey Badger Radio: Drunk Girl Viral Hoax with special guest Josh Blaine

Chris Rock comments on political correctness
Comedian Chris Rock spoke of the culture brewing on college campuses in a recent interview, stating that he no longer does shows for colleges because of their extreme political correctness.

Well, I love Bill [Maher], but I stopped playing colleges, and the reason is because they’re way too conservative….

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 16: Miss Impossible! Navigating the Minefield of Writing Female Characters

Superfemmes! How to or not to write or draw women in comics!

Comic books, like many other mediums of expression, have quite the checkered past. Comics, at least in the mainstream, have been used as propaganda during World War II in the 1930s and 1940s, were under attack by psychiatrists and politicians for corrupting American youth in the 1950s, entered the Atomic Age with wide-eyed wonder and self-aware sophistication in the 1960s, and became an ever-expansive and inclusive medium of storytelling in the 1970s to today.…

Badger Cave: Bill Cosby and The Quest for More Pudding Part II

Tonight’s show: Bill Cosby and The Quest for More Pudding Part II. Inspired by an article written by our own brilliant Hannah Wallen. Our 4 intrepid ponderers attempt to unravel the thorny knots of social, cultural and political intrigue. Will our adventurers wander towards the valley of conspiracy and perilously close to the village of tin hats?…