This upcoming week (Dec 14th-21st) on Honey Badger Radio!




Badger Cave: Title IX travesty!

Discussion of Hannah Wallen’s Title IX piece:┬áTitle IX abuse in university athletic programs

Event time: Monday, December 15, 9 PM Eastern

Host: Alison Tieman

Participants: Jonathan Taylor, Hannah Wallen and Sage Gerard



Badger Pod Nerd Cast 18

Gawker loses seven figures in ad revenue, pleb comics creator doxxed, and METALGATE!!!!

Event time: Tuesday, December 16, 7 PM Eastern

Host: Brian Martinez

Participants: Hannah Wallen, DrRandomerCam, Alison Tieman, and Rachel Edwards



Honey Badger Radio: How feminism stole Christmas

The 10 most egregious ways feminists have opposed equality.

Event time: Thursday, December 18, 9 PM Eastern

Host: Alison Tieman/Rachel Edwards

Participants: Karen Straughan, Hannah Wallen, Anna Cherry and Jemma Morgan




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Alison has been researching men's issues since her mother gave her "Princess at the Window" by Donna Laframboise in 1994 when she was 16. She's taken part in men's rights communities since she started posting on in 2003. Since 2011 she's run the gender apostate blog Genderratic with her pal Gingko the wonder leaf and she founded Honey Badger Brigade in 2013 with Hannah Wallen and Karen Straughan. According to Vice the pony she most resembles is Fluttershy.
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