How many falls does it take to level up from biased media to journalist?

The #gamergate protest started as a result of evidence hinting that many sources among games media were colluding together behind the scenes to promote their own agenda. The most obvious piece of the puzzle was a series of articles, all posted on the same day, giving a false description of gamers that was apparently intended to be derogatory, declaring their interests unimportant to either media or creators in the gaming industry, and insisting that they as media are entitled to continue their bad habits with impunity.…

Symantec steps on their wing-wang at last

Well, lookee here.

Remember when Symantec—that Internet Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, that over-reaching, intrusive, “who will think of the children!!” Moral Guardian of the Universe—decided either on their own or at the prompting of radfem elements to block access to MRA and other gender blogs as porn sites?…

#gamergate: Is establishment journalism dead?

“Journalistic integrity.”

Many of us in the men’s issues community have been calling that phrase an oxymoron for a long time. Establishment media hasn’t killed it, but it has irreparably damaged our belief in it.

When I say establishment media, I’m talking about the sources many people refer to as mainstream.…

Male privilege—Why do women assume they know about men or men’s lives?

Longtime GendErratic commenter Eagle35 posted the text of a Reddit exchange he had with a feminist as a comment. (He prefers to not link to the actual exchange.)

The feminist in the exchange exhibits a behavior that is a recurring problem in the discussion of gender: the assumption that women fully understand men and our lives and can make meaningful comparisons.…

The Naked Brainwasher

“Hello, Badger, I’m thinking of trying out the Naked Therapist. Have you heard of her? Do you think she’s a good idea? You did sex work before and said it was therapeutic, so what do you think of her work?”

The Naked Therapist, aka Sarah White, is neither a sex worker nor a healthy therapist.