Female privilege—Covert abuse as part of the traditional female role

How much abuse do men get in relationships with women that never gets labeled as abuse because it is standard data, just so normal that it is merely background noise that no one notices or names?

Dr. Tara Palmatier posted an article a little over a year ago that I posted to the Men’s Rights subreddit.…

Don’t Dodge the Bullet

The Internet is full of debates … nay, arguments. A debate implies civility and intelligence by both parties; arguments, well … at least one party has to be the fool. By fool, I mean the one who throws insults, goes off point, refuses evidence, and keeps dragging everyone back into the fray when the horse is clearly dead and further kicking wouldn’t help the smell of it; a child having a tantrum because they are not having their way—and that simply will not do.…

Feminists Hate Men

Keep in mind that feminism has always been about hatred for men; feminists simply “claim” otherwise. They even claim that feminists don’t hate men—it’s a myth perpetuated by the MRA community …

Adolf Hitler said in volume 1, chapter 6, of Mein Kampf (1925):

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.

Honey Badger Radio: Feminist Media Bias

It’s become popular to mix personal views with news coverage. Splitting each story into a left vs. right issue. What happens when stories don’t fit that narrative? Well, they bury them.


Woman lies about being a teenage sex trafficking victim

Twenty-six-year-old Samantha Lyndell Azzopardi of Sydney, Australia, is being brought up on charges in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, after impersonating a fourteen-year-old victim of sex trafficking.…

The “real man” dogma

“Badger, I hear a lot of people trying to tell us men what a ‘real man’ is. Their definitions are all conflicting, so what is a ‘real man’?”

I’ve noticed that there is a difference between those who stand up for and support men and those who think that men are lacking.…

Typhon’s Tropes: Creating a realistic matriarchy

In the interests of good writing, or at least writing that’s not repetitive, I’m creating a series of tips on challenging gender tropes in fiction.

If you want to do that, if you want to challenge gender tropes in fiction, at least do it right. Don’t just rearrange the daisies and baby’s breath and call it a new bouquet.…

Happy Hallowhine

Halloween is a time when the scariest of monsters, the high-whining femshee, shows yet again that they will find any excuse to play the victim. They display a frightening level of idiocy, bemoaning the torture of an experience they don’t actually face as an example of their phantom concept, male privilege.…

Honey Badger Radio: The Sarkeesian Effect

The path of integrity can be a difficult road to follow. Especially when there are people who benefit from beautiful lies. Sometimes when all hope seems lost, unlikely heroes emerge, ready and willing to shine a light on corruption.


Mayoral debate upsets activist

In the ongoing political race for mayor of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, gender ideologues have found a new thing to be upset about.…