Honey Badger Radio: The Top 13 Creepiest Feminist behaviors

It’s scary, thinking of the things that dwell in the shadows. The thought of sinister forces plotting our demise. Sometimes, the monsters we seek are there in our own backyards.

1. Glorifying Male suffering
2. Infilterating and colonizing male spaces
3. Insisting that everything must be feminist
4. Fetishizing female victimhood
5. Believing themselves above criticism
Elaborate use of shaming tactics to silence people
6. Free bleeding
7. Appropriation of other groups’ victim cred
8. Creating hash tags like #killallmen
Policing women’s behaviours
9. Tolerance of man-haters
Humorless vagina art
10. Appropriating successful women as feminist

Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards

Rachel is a former host of Honey Badger Radio, a recurring member of the Tales from the Infrared crew. She wanders around the web researching feminist insanity, poking people with a large stick, and keeping everyone in the silly place. When she isn't doing any of those things she spends her time doing even more blogging, grooming her rather large fluffy cat, nerding out with her favorite people, and burying herself in various fandoms. Pinkie Pie is best Pony! (You spelled "Fluttershy" wrong. -- Zen)
Rachel Edwards

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  • Tony Morris

    Thanks Rachel – I am so stealing “bucket of crazy” for future use.

  • Jack Strawb

    HeyHey–I’m interested in your connection of Suey Park, her refs to white feminism, and racism.

    Now I’ve been pretty diligent about distinguishing first world feminism from third world feminism in order for the purposes of debate not to allow privileged women to trade on the suffering of truly disadvantaged women. I’ll also, for similar reasons, distinguish white first world feminism from feminism more broadly so as not to allow white first world feminists to trade on the suffering of black and brown women in the West.

    Do you see a problem with that?

  • Jack Strawb

    Btw, note to the speaker around 10:30, it’s a perfect opportunity to distinguish between rights for women, and feminism. Dive right in and explain why the two or not close to synonymous.

  • Razedbywolvs

    The “Men think about sex every 6 seconds” thing bothers me. How the hell would I drive a car or
    operate heavy machinery if that were true.
    Every Six Seconds is an album by the band Saliva. Josey: “I got it from a news documentary I was watching that was talking about robbery and car theft and murder and other subjects. It finally got around to sex of course and they said that men think about sex every six seconds.”

    I think i know who funded that documentary.

  • Imsloan68

    I like the Unfollow a Man meme. It says more about women of that ilk. Only women get butthurt over social media slights. Men generally could give two shits.

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    Only 13?