Badger Pod Nerd Cast 10: The social justice invasion of scifi/fantasy

This week on the Badger Pod Nerd Cast … the Honey Badgers discuss the social justice invasion of science fiction and fantasy with special guest author John C. Wright.

The social justice invasion

The sci-fi/fantasy genre has always been an interesting place.…

A question of respect

A question I heard out of context today kind of crystallized for me an aspect of the #gamergate controversy, multiple men’s issues, and the difference in public response to incidents of domestic violence among famous people depending on whether the perceived perpetrator is male or female.…

Power of the male submissive: With tips from TJ Kirk, aka The Amazing Atheist

“Dear Badger, I am a submissive male and I’m finding it very hard to find a good Dom. I’ve also had a hard time feeling good about myself. Society shows dominant men as what women want, and seeing that everywhere I start to feel as if there will be no woman who loves me as a submissive.…

Honey Badger Radio: The death of due process (with a #gamergate update)


by Hannah Wallen

Statutory rape victim ordered to pay child support or face jail

Another male statutory rape victim has been ordered to pay child support to his rapist under threat of jail for failure to pay.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security tracked down Nick Olivas and ordered him to pay back child support after the mother of his child, conceived when he was 14 and she was 20, filed for public assistance in 2012.…

Deprogramming women’s hatred of men

There was a process I went through with several of my female partners and friends. Simply because they were saying things around me that either had to stop or I would completely walk away from them. Also, I knew that they were going to have problems with men for the rest of their lives unless I actively attempted to help them understand something: that they hated men.

Gamergate: Journalism as a Social Justice War game

Encyclopedia Dramatica explains Gamergate as one seedy game designer’s dramatic exposure of “wide scale collusion in the indie game industry, benefiting developers, reviewers, journalists, and everyone else involved. That is, everyone except for you, the gamer.”

That’s an adept description of the incident, and in short gives the reason why the discussion began and continues.…

Honey Badger Radio: Quinnspiracy 2, Electric Boogaloo

The media says that the term gamer is over. That gamers are dangerous bigots. Misogynists that don’t want women in the gaming industry.

But if you ask gamers, they tell a different story. They want more transparency in gaming media, They want gaming to be about playing games and not social justice.…

Men deserve to be pampered

“Hey, Badger, I had a date with a new lover of mine and he asked me to pick up dinner. Fine, but then he also asked me to pick up beer. I mean, he usually picks up dinner and surprises me with dessert. He didn’t bring dessert this time either. We had a good time, but now I’m upset.…