DISCUSSION – Gendering Class, Part IV – “Ladylike” and policing femininity

It’s been a while since we have look at the gendering of class. Something that occurred to me recently was how in many stories women had of being gender-policed as girls that policing was framed in terms of “ladylike” behavior. Were you prevented form climbing trees or wearing certain types clothing of clothing because they weren’t ladylike, or did you hear girls who did act ladylike praised for being so feminine?…

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 7

Female Ghostbusters

by DoctorRandomerCam

In the summer of 1984—the dawn of the equinox of the eighties—Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Bill Murray made a movie that no one has ever disliked. Eight-year-olds love it for exactly the same reason 50-year-olds love it: it’s fun, it’s simple, it’s compelling, it’s inventive, and it has that holiest of holy grails—it does not take itself too seriously (well, except for the fun).…

IT’S SHIT LIKE THIS FEMINISTS: What bell hooks got right and what got right past her

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For discussion:

I picked up a copy of bell hooks’ Feminist Theory since I’ve seen her name come up repeatedly. I’m only about halfway through, but I feel like I’ve seen what I needed to see.…