IT’S SHIT LIKE THIS, FEMINISTS – The shit male rape victims face

Long-time commenter gwallan posted this list of the reactions he got when he tried to tell about his rape as a child:

I’ve been fairly outspoken about female perpetration since the mid nineties. I wrote the following about two years ago summarising the sorts of responses I’ve experienced personally.

Badgers in Detroit: The First International Conference on Men’s Issues. #Detroit

In just two days Karen Straughan, Hannah Wallen, Alison Tieman, Jess Kay, Kristal Garcia, and I will be at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit.

We’ll be setting up a promo table where you can purchase items from our fundraiser.…

JUST FOR FUN – the Italian “naked man” orchid

Mother Nature is an MRA!

Orchis italica is known as the naked man orchid. Orchidaceae is a gigantic family, one the largest among land plants, with around 25,000 species in 890 genera. It certainly has something for everyone.

The name of this genus and of the family in general is based on the Greek for “testicle.” Apparently this genus forms tubers that tend to grow in pairs, so they look like a pair of nuts if you dig them up.…

IT’S SHIT LIKE THIS, FEMINISTS: Feminist misandry, Part III

A commenter named WowFallacies drove by with the usual clueless advice on how MRAs could sort out some misunderstandings about feminism and stop being a “prick” about the whole thing.

Commenter Eagle 35 responded:
WowFallicies, I’m going to give you a list of facts about feminism as a movement just so you’ll understand where the hostility comes from and hopefully should clear up your misconceptions and assumptions.…

Honey Badger Radio: Ask the Badger anything!


Thanks to our many generous donors, the Honey Badger Brigade has surpassed even our informal stretch goal of $6500.00, with our total at over $8000.

The campaign will remain active for another 24 days, with the “Bring it” tee available only through the fundraiser or at the conference.…

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – What #Yesallwomen tells us about white female privilege, and the privilege discourse in general

In an open thread over at Feminist Critics*, Commenter AndreaK quotes with disapproval a question she saw somewhere

“The #YesAllWomen thread raises an important question: Why do so many men behave so poorly?”

That question is itself a sly inversion.…