Suey Park and the White Devil!

In the past week a campaign on twitter moved to have the Colbert Report taken off the air. What started as a joke poking fun at obvious racism, turned into a move to take town a television show that a feminist activist found to be offensive. It should come as no surprise that feminists have again shown that they lack a real sense of humor.

Feminist Rape Culture: Statutory Edition

On this past thursday, march 27, Dr Janice Fiamego gave a talk at At Queens University in Toronto, Canada titled: What’s Equality Got To Do With it? Men’s Issues and Feminism’s Double Standards

During that talk she was heckled by feminists.…

Honey Badger Radio: Predators on Campus

The show airs at 8PM Central Time on Live365 .  The chat room will also be open.


In the news on August 22, 2013, Dr. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of the status of women announced the Government of Canada’s support for a movement by the White Ribbon Campaign and the Toronto Argonauts in which they claim to:

“engage men and boys in reducing violence against women and girls in the Toronto area”

The government of Canada is providing $600,000 for the 36 month project entitled “Huddle Up and Make the Call – A Gender-based Violence Prevention Project” to teach young men and boys they are all potential abusers.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – SPC Ivan Lopez – pay me now or pay me later

Late in the day yesterday I started getting texts from my brother. My nephew was locked down in his barracks at Ft. Hood. By now we all know the rest of the story, of how a soldier named Specialist Ivan Lopez, who had been exhibiting problematic behavior, certainly symptomatic, probably that community especially should have picked up on….went off.…

It’s Shit Like this: Feminist Professor Mercier, did you argue that child sexual abuse isn’t real?

In a letter to the editor dated March 31, published in the Queens University Paper, Andrew Howard argues that men should not create their own spaces to address their issues outside of feminist oversight, I replied with an extensive list of statistics that feminists choose to ignore when creating their campaigns that present men as more likely to be rapists than rape victims.…