MALE DISPOSABILITY – PTSD and someone who is in a position to attack the stigma around it

Do you know why US Army Rangers wear panty hose? Supposedly they do wear panty hose, (though I haven’t gone and checked.)

Simple answer: Panty hose are the most efficient form of long underwear available.
Real answer: Because they can.

A soldier at Joint base Lewis McChord, SSG Ty Carter, is in a similar position, in this case in a position to champion sufferers from PTSD and to attack the stigma associated with it.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – Dear Abby and thanking veterans

A woman writes to Dear Abby:

Dear Abby: Recently I took a cue from my sister and her career Navy husband. They always make it a point to thank anyone they see in military uniform for his/her service and sacrifice.

I am somewhat shy by nature. But I am so thankful to these men and women who fight for our continued freedom that I stepped out of my comfort zone to verbalize my feelings and encourage those who cross my path.


Here’s a challenge for the Commentariat:

Here is a imgur image of a message string on OK Cupid. I would like to say it is very weird, at least from one side of the exchange, but sadly we can all recognize these behaviors from real life.

So here’s the challenge:

1) Read the message thread.…