• Viking

    For the Norwegian readers article debunking the glass ceiling in Aftenposten today:


  • Snake Oil Baron

    In real life glass ceilings would end the wearing of outfits with skirts, dresses or cleavage. Well, maybe cleavage would survive because only the higher-ups would benefit from that so some of the more hypergamous women would still wear cleavage.

    What was the topic? Oh yeah–objectifying women. I wish I was rich and powerful enough to objectify women. I’m not saying I would but it would be nice to have the option.

  • Copyleft

    Privilege: Something all men hear about (and get blamed for), but only a few get to actually experience.

  • Ginkgo

    Copyleft, that meme doesn’t have to be true, just necessary. It has proven so useful, why would they ever give it up?