Honey Badger Radio: Feminism’s Pimp Hand

Thursday September 12, 2013 at 6 Pacific Daylight Time, 7 Mountain, 8 Central and 9 Eastern.

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“Are the Vagina’s in the house!” Eve Elsner screams to a cheering audience of feminists.

Yep. All us women? We’re just vaginas.

And that’s all that we are.

You know who else reduces women down to their genitals?


Specifically pimps reduce women down to what the pimp can extract in terms of benefit from their vaginas.

Sorta like feminists.

Except for feminists it’s not the vagina’s use that’s of interest, but it’s abuse. And whatever can be twisted into abuse of vaginas.

Make no mistake, like the pimp, all they care about is your vagina. If you didn’t have a vagina, they wouldn’t really care what happened to you.

You’re a whore in their stable, pimped out for their benefit. And if you refuse to be feminsim’s whore, watch out for their pimp hand!

The instant you say no, you’ll see just how deep sisterhood goes.

Join Alison Tieman(typhonblue), Karen Straughan(girlwriteswhat) and Della Burton as we discuss “Feminism’s Pimp Hand.”

Alison Tieman
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Alison Tieman

Artist/Writer at Xenospora
Alison has been researching men's issues since her mother gave her "Princess at the Window" by Donna Laframboise in 1994 when she was 16. She's taken part in men's rights communities since she started posting on soc.men in 2003. Since 2011 she's run the gender apostate blog Genderratic with her pal Gingko the wonder leaf and she founded Honey Badger Brigade in 2013 with Hannah Wallen and Karen Straughan. According to Vice the pony she most resembles is Fluttershy.
Alison Tieman
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  • Ginkgo

    This is standard pratice with all these saviors and social justice types. They care more for their agendas and high-minded ideals (and thier personal networks, for whcih the stated positions are often just badges of membership) than they do for actual people. You’re not really a person to them; your life is just grist for their ideological mill.

    This is exactly the debate around outing among gay activists, who at least had the humanity to realize there was a debate to be had on the subject.

  • Snake Oil Baron

    It seems it would be in the interests of feminists to reduce the number of women compared to men so as to increase the value of vaginas and the power bestowed on those who “protect” women and control access via social manipulation. Thankfully, most feminists don’t see that… yet.

  • Dani Pettas

    Great concept… looking forward to the podcast.

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