MISANDRY – How a real feminist responds to gross, dehumanizing misandry

Commenter Marja Erwin posted a comment that included this very interesting link. She tells us she got into a flamewar over it. I’ll bet she did.

The comic shows a young woman on a park bench doing something on some kind device. A man who she thinks is “Eeeewwww….gross!” sits down and looks at her.…

MISANDRY – Dismissing women’s rape of boys

Commenter MaMu1977 left one of his very powerful comments in Typhonblue’s post “Male Privilege: Slut Shaming”


“Got lucky”?
In my 33 years on this planet, I’ve known 7 boys who have killed themselves as the result of adult women/young boy relationships.

MISOGYNY – Bullying – A Happy Ending in Michigan?

Here’s a story out of Michigan that shows that some schools and communities take bullying seriously enough to do something about it. Eventually. Obviously the community could have done a lot more, it could have stepped in when the abuse was happening, but this gesture did provide the victim with some healing.…

Male Privilege: Slut Shaming

Slut shaming. Supposedly women are more affected. Yet I can’t help but notice the following:

  1. Female Sex Toys are empowering; male sex toys are perverted
  2. Promiscuous women are expressing their sexuality; promiscuous men are ‘using’ their sex partners for selfish kicks
  3. Women should be lauded for their sexual desires; men should be ashamed of theirs because male desire ‘objectifies’ women.

LADIES’ AUXILIARY OF THE PATRIARCHY – What a Real Radical Feminism Would Have Looked Like

It would have looked like the MRM. It would have attacked toxic femininity – female hypoagency, imprisoning female privilege, female victimhood and dependency – as well as male hyperagency, male disposability and chivalry.

There was such a feminism in the early years, in the form of Women’s Liberation.…

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Occupy Misandry!

Here is a very interesting article from someone in an interesting demographic. This is the same demographic that is plastering Vancouver with MRM posters and provoking and exposing a very nasty, violent backlash – anarchist men and “goth punks”.